Greatest male vocalists

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by proud_american, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. proud_american

    proud_american Banned Banned

    to name a few.
    1 otis redding
    2 smokey robinson
    3 marvin gaye
    4 roger daltrey
    5 robert plant
    6 eric burdon
    7 lowell george
    8 james brown

    what do you all think?,any favourites?
  2. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    Bob Dylan
  3. MightyAphrodite

    MightyAphrodite rosebud R.I.P.


    barry white
    another vote for marvin gaye here!
    ELVIS :p
    eddie vedder
    john fogerty
    don henley
    billy joel
    bob segar
    hank williams
    peter gabriel ...

    jesus, theres loads and loads ....

    Buckley is #1 though!!!
  4. Etonrebel

    Etonrebel Marley = rock Guevara

    Bob Marley.
  5. Xanadu

    Xanadu Masterful but awkward

    Jeff Buckley's a bit of a god!

    Robert Plant fucking rules too, I'm seeing him play at my uni on 2nd April. Can't wait :)
  6. Sweaty Betty

    Sweaty Betty Hemo rising!

    ooooo i so second eddie vedder!!!!!!!

    God material me thinks!!!!!
  7. proud_american

    proud_american Banned Banned

    Yep eddie vedder has to be the most original vocalist in recent memory.
    I also have a soft spot for john lennon and jerry garcia.
  8. koshmar

    koshmar Banned Banned

    Billy Mackenzie from the Associates was good - superb range in his voice.

    Poor bugger died a few years ago...

  9. Sweaty Betty

    Sweaty Betty Hemo rising!

    thought you were going to bed o wise one!!!! :confused:
  10. MightyAphrodite

    MightyAphrodite rosebud R.I.P.

    MethLab :p


    Neo...PMSL :D :D

    Throws MethLab deeper into the Matrix! :p

    ummm...seriously though, i forgot john lennon, love(d) his voice...:oops:
  11. koshmar

    koshmar Banned Banned

    I think there's a huge "fuck off" for you in this post...

  12. MightyAphrodite

    MightyAphrodite rosebud R.I.P.

  13. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    eddie vedder? you people make me sick. :(

    i'll go for

    mark almond
    horace andy
    johnny cash
  14. MightyAphrodite

    MightyAphrodite rosebud R.I.P.

    another good one, along with willie nelson and waylon jennings :oops:
  15. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

    in no particular order

    1. thom yorke.
    2. neil young.
    3. nick cave.
    4. ian curtis.
    5. johnny cash
    6. jonsi (sigur ros)
    7. wayne cohen (flaming lips)
    8. sly (and family stone)
    9. van morrison
    10. roger waters
    11. jeff buckley
    12. jason pierce
    13. bob marley
    14. bowie :oops:
  16. Iam

    Iam New Member

    Sam Cooke
    Al Green
  17. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    I liked Mark lanegan (screaming Trees) more than Vedder personally.
  18. Johnny Canuck3

    Johnny Canuck3 Well-Known Member

    Robert Plant
    Roy Orbison
    Jim Morrison
    Don Henley
    Alvin Lee
    Nick Gilder
  19. past caring

    past caring The Cathars were right

    Going solely by the criteria of being able to affect me....

    Scott Walker
    Gram Parsons
    Hank Williams
    Richard Manuel
    Elvis Presley
    Roy Orbison
  20. The Groke

    The Groke hot hail/Paging Dr. Beat

    Another vote for Jeff Buckly - great set of lungs on him that guy!

    Although I am not all that keen on his music, there is no denying that David McAlmont has a cracking voice too.

    Looking at the list above, it is obviously hard to separate "technical ability" from a voice that affects and moves you regardless of how polished it is (See Johnny Cash etc......) and indeed from the actual song/tune itself.

    With that in mind I would like to add Bonnie Prince Billy aka Will Oldham - technically a pretty "poor" voice but it carries a warmth and honesty that I have found incredibly affecting across his music.

    Mark Lanegan also has a great unique voice - all the gravel and 60-a-day lungs of Tom Waits, but with a softer crooning edge when he needs it - heard his voice described by some music press recently as that of a "Mournful Ogre"

    My final name is Layne Staley From Alice in Chains - a really fantastic and unique sounding voice, not always apparent on their early or heavier work, but on Jar of Flies/Sap and especially on "Unplugged" he really shines through as an excellent vocalist.
  21. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    i was going to ignore Vedder, but since you've already put the boot in, can i kick the bellowing fuckpig while he's down?

    Van Morrison anyway. and Elvis, Otis, OV Wright, Sam Cooke.
  22. Chorlton

    Chorlton CEO of Stupid

    <seeing a clear headshot has another go at vedder >

    Shane McGowan
    Nick Cave
    Tom Waits
    van (speshially with Them)
  23. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    typically enough, i'd second all of those in a minute.. Orbison's always overlooked, but he beat everyone to the punch in terms of that kind of anguished lonely wail... genius.

    and.. erm.. i know it's heresy and all, but IN MY OPINION, Buckley was only slightly less a wailing self-obsessed cunt than Vedder. And his dad was only slightly better.

    just to be perverse, i always though Eno had a great singing voice, even though he refuses to do it now.

    and to be even MORE perverse, in amongst the cacophony, Gibby from the Butthole Surfers actually has a very rich and accomplished voice when he can be bothered.

    i also love Evan Dando's, especially now he's 'lived in it a bit'...
  24. boing!

    boing! hairy cheese eater

    A few that come to mind at the moment. Im sure I'v missed a few off though...

    Otis Redding
    Jeff Buckely
    Van Morrison
    Nick Drake
  25. fanta

    fanta Banned Banned

    Van the man can fucking sing!

    Ottis is lovely too.

    I know there are plenty of others.
  26. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    for Van, you just need to listen to the first side of Veedon Fleece, where he uses a completely different - but equally brilliant - vocal style for every track, from falsetto to deep baritone to raw soul rasp ...
  27. fanta

    fanta Banned Banned

    Like: Joseph “Culture” Hill!
  28. fanta

    fanta Banned Banned

    'Cul de Sac' is one of the most beautiful songs in existence.
  29. Chorlton

    Chorlton CEO of Stupid

    fooook - forgot Chris Isaak - one of the highlights if 'the word' for me!
  30. milesy

    milesy New Member

    scott walker

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