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Great forgotten bands


contents may have settled during transit
go to youtube, find the video you want
copy the URL from the top bar
click on the little film icon from the post tools at the top of the post you're writing
paste the URL into the pop-up box that appears - this creates the code that should look like this, but with square brackets:


Now that William has created a techno-cretin shaped opening ( :p), can someone explain to me why, when I follow the steps above, I get the message "the specified url cannot be embedded as media"? It's just Youtube I'm trying to embed, and I've done it before, but a few days it stopped working and I'm not aware of having changed any settings that would cause this.

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The Cathars were right
I think it's something to do with the new boards - that method used to work for me but now doesn't. If you hit the embed link underneath the video (not the URL at the top) and copy that, it works.


contents may have settled during transit

Hooray, thanks. Sorry to inflict this on you all - I love them but they seem to be one of those bands that really annoy some people.


They were reasonably well known but are now very sadly forgotten (they did get a bit cack though).

Revolver must fit this category too. This was the first "indie" record I ever hunted down and bought. No mean feet in Exeter I must add. Finally got Binary Star to order it for me.



Decimated by the shrapnel of his rhetoric
HOD were and still sound magnificent - somehow filling a gap between industrial noise and shoegazey indie-pop. I did think about posting them on this thread a while ago. Did you ever see them live?
I did once, actually, at the New Cross Venue - I ended up walking out due to crowd violence (not caused by the band, but by a number of psychopaths in the audience) - a real shame, as they were alright, really (though using a drum machine instead of a live drummer).


Are they still around?
I didn't know.
I'd certainly forgotten all about them :D
He's done something with Cathal Coughlan. The North Sea Scrolls.

Coughlan: I think the fuck up theory of history is always greater and more persuasive than the conspiracy theory of history. If we had to have a parallel made with the illuminati, it would be: we are the illuminati of the fuck-up theory.

Haines: I think there's more truth to this.

Mueller: There is a song later in the programme that does mention Jim Corr, of the Corrs, who has a certain interest in these things…

Where does he come into it?

Mueller: He doesn't, as far as we can see. It's just gratuitous abuse, I think.

Coughlan: Well, to be fair, he does attempt to persuade the retired IRA to dig up a great deal of South Armagh because he feels that Shergar, the Twin Towers and various other things are buried there.

Haines: But essentially, the scrolls laugh in Jim Corr's face, really, one would have to conclude.

Coughlan: Yeah. But it is good that we're playing in Edinburgh the same night as one of his sisters.

Haines: We're playing the same night as Gomez, as well.

Mueller: It's all coming together.

Coughlan: It's almost as if there's a hidden hand in there...


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I don't know if you could class them as a great band, but as they're certainly forgotten now any excuse to play this;

Not much of a follow-up to "Alone Again Or", mind....