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    A picture I look out for every year on a local Ammanford history website - the coal fire lit for tomorrows 0600 service which has gone on since 1723 in this very isolated chapel high above the Amman Valley in South West Wales , Old / Hen Fethel. In those days , pre -industrial times - the local community were farmers who walked across the paths for the early service - no organ or lighting bar candles. The tradition continues to this day - an attendant minds the fire and the chapel. [​IMG]

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    That's a great story.
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    I really , really need to go down there - quite close to where i lived , so I personally thanked the organisers for keeping it going , some things really are priceless. The coal is "local" .....!

    I think of the genertions before us - and to follow - hope you are OK Mike , sometime we will meet ..?
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