good spoken word samples in tunes

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    There are loads of tracks which use samples of William Burroughs reading from his books - he has a great, recognisable voice.
    He did a whole album with the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy:

    On-U Sound used lots of samples from him, they even used one of his phrases as the name for a series of compilations - Pay It All Back (from Nova Express).

    The other great voice they used was the late Andy Fairley:

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  2. nogojones

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  3. nogojones

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    And a Scanners sample is used pretty well here

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  4. ddraig

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    SUCH a tune ^^
  5. D'wards

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    Prize for first person to tell me where the spoken bit is from, who says it and who else notably was involved (without googling of course)
  6. Argonia

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    Fucking hell on my iPad these YouTube videos just show up as black squares so I can't click on them and watch them. Fuck.

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