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    I thought URBAN75 should get in first before the media blitzkrieg that will inevitably tumble down upon us later in the year when some bored hack realises that hey! "It Was Forty Years Ago" that .. . that The Oz Magazine Editors were put on trial, and sent to prison and had their hair cut.

    I'm very proud of the fact I was arrested at a demo attended by John & Yoko. I was 16 and the cops beat me up and told me OZ was being financed by China. Next day I was fined £3.

    Anyway, this is what it was all about. The OZ editors handed over one issue (28) for school kids to edit, I think most of the respondents came from Holland Park Comp and Westminster School. I got to know Viv Berger for a while but only after the trials and stuff. He was arrested also at some point. Viv did the Rupert C&P and therefore got everyone to the Old Bailey. Here's some of it.


    It would be nice if this thread turned into a serious discussion
    about censorship of the press/ slash / internet by individuals
    who have swathes of money and use it.

    But Hey! Here's John and Alice

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    links please spliff? ta :)
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    There are many links. I think there's a film coming out from Neville's viewpoint* One of the editors who was jailed was described by Judge Argyle "very much less intelligent" Felix Dennis it seems is worth about $2.5 billion through his publishing. Dennis says the financial excess resulted in a crack cocaine addiction and admission to spending over $100 million dollars on drugs and women. At one time I was willing to go to jail for this bloke but times change he writes poetry and plants trees and I have a forgiving nature so all is well.


    *It's called 'Hippie Hippie Shake' the title itself gives you enough confidence to believe it will be up there in the Pantheon of cinematic experience like 'Mr Nice' and 'The Boat That Rocked'
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