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  1. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    I popped into the Palais before bed one night. They were showing Don't Look Now to an audience of about five people... and I walked in just as the scariest bits were on. I slept soundly though :thumbs:
  2. Riff

    Riff B@nned from eGofestivals

    Had a somewhat epic one this year. In a nutshell:

    Cheese and wine night on the Tuesday night.
    The damn heat coming in.
    Made it to the Cider Bus meet for the first time in 3 years.
    The World Famous Thursday Piss-Up.
    Site wander (after car run for beer on Thursday).
    No FSSSSSSSSSS of NOS canisters either time I visited the stone circle.
    The Orb - took me back to my very first Glasto.
    Hacienda Classic.
    Hobo Jones and bumping into a certain William.
    Royal Blood being LOUD and amazing.
    Radiohead being a slow-burner then getting there.
    Bootleg Beatles (sporting a Sgt Pepper T-shirt and 'tache).
    In Heaven - one for the future,
    The Amazons.
    Kaiser Chiefs (bit rammed and didn't hang around for Noel Gallagher).
    Flamingos (and the usual other bizarreness) in the Cabaret field.
    Someone handing in a phone to Wicket lock-up with several missed texts on it. They sent a reply to the most recent texter to explain the person they were trying text had lost their phone and described where it had been handed in. They instantly replied with, "You are a legend. Thank you".
    Foos knocking-out tune after tune ("Under Pressure" - just wow).
    Being a dirty stop-out by going to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show, being distracted by fire-eaters on the way home and rolling-in at 4am.
    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.
    Dropkick Murphys
    Barry Gibb.
    Watching The Killers from my tent.
    The Veils.
    Full-on site wander on Sunday night. Ended up doing Shangri-La, stone circle, Strummerville, The Park and wound-up in Tiny Teas and their wonderful chai.
    Woodland area.
    Lots of Northumberland (my home county) flags everywhere.
    Site being MUCH tidier than in previous years. Even when bins were overflowing, people were making the effort to place their rubbish near the bins.

    But best of all - shaking hands with a certain bearded octogenarian in blue shorts and thanking him allowing me to party in his home for the 21st time.
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  3. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    He sure is - he also has charisma to burn and really knows how to work a crowd Glastonbury, 2017: Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals
    If this guy isn't headlining there before too long then something will have gone seriously wrong with his career, because the trajectory he's on right now he's gonna be massive.
  4. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    Watched a bit of that, I really don't like his style of music but he's very charismatic isn't he.
  5. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Getting lots of good suggestions for gigs to catch up on iPlayer -- inevitably I missed loads when there. (Have Pat Thomas on right now -- excellent :) ).

    Right -- time for my Positives and (a few) Negatives lists ......
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  6. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Glastonbury 2017 -- like Riff's, this was the 21st for myself and Deb :cool:

    Positives-- music/performances.
    1. Chic -- gig of festival! Nile is the man, man.
    2. Flaming Lips in the Park -- we missed Radiohead ( :( ) for them, but lightshow and songs were that much better than their Manchester show in January.
    3. Future Dub Project on Truth Stage, Shangri La, at about 3 am Monday morning -- new to me and superb.
    4. Completely against my expectations, Barry Gibb got me out of my chair and dancing Sunday afternoon (this was the first day we'd taken our chairs out since arrival the previous Sunday). I'd been indifferent to the idea of the BG gig but in reality, not!
    5. The Pretenders -- I'd never seen them. Really good that Chrissie introduced each band member and said where each was from. She rooted for guitar based rock, twice. And they played ALL the hits, almost. She's a proper rock star with that Motorhead shirt :D Also, Chrissie's anti-Murdoch quote (did iPlayer bleep it? ;) ) got a huge cheer.
    6. Difford and Tilbrook with their all-hits acoustic Squeeze set backstage** -- I know so many early Squeeze songs word perfect, and Labelled with Love genuinely brought a tear to my eye
    **(Theatre and Circus Green Room bar /crew elitist :oops: :D )
    7. (Backstage as above) : Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band, superb all-female Americana/folk band but with a full on rock guitarist -- we'd also seen part of their gig on Flounder 's Bandstand Stage and they will be at his Out West Festival :)
    8. I don't know how many times I've seen The Beat (over 15 times?), but their Glade gig was immense, with wonderful freaky-acid visuals and to fit in with those, Steve Hillage guesting on guitar for the last song :cool:
    9. Best gig that we stumbled across by complete chance -- Dr John Cooper-Clarke in Cabaret as we happened to be walking past. We knew he'd be on but had forgotten when. He's meant to be a performance poet but he's the funniest stand up comedian ever. We've seen him loads of times including the first day festivaldeb and I ever met at the lomg-defunct Rhythm Festival, and we've both always really loved him. This year's was about his best gig IMO.
    10. Dr Funk and the Boogiewonderband on Sensation Seekers (next to Cabaret) Sat and Sun nights, they were the cheesiest disco covers band in the world ever :D :oops: but brilliant at it -- their genius of a saxophonist could have stood in for Nile's had latter gone sick ...
    Bit discoed out this year! But the above was our late night rave! :p :D
    11. (last but not least) : Jezza's spoken word set on Saturday afternoon, Pyaramid. I loved his reworkings of traditional early material for today :cool: , and quoting Shelley was exactly right for him at that moment. And JC commendably avoided milking the crowd -- no going on for an hour and a half for him! :D

    -- music/performances. Mostly missing stuff rather than shit gigs.
    1. Missing Radiohead :(
    2. Toots and the Maytals arrived on site far too late -- their West Holts gig, Saturday, had to be cancelled. And I never knew they had a surprise SE Corner set later on, either :(
    3. Missing Steve Ignorant
    4. Deliberate one this -- missing Napalm Death because I don't know their material and became small-c conservative on that occasion. I'm an idiot -- I should have made myself go.
    5. Had to miss Beans on Toast at Leftfield because the crowd at that time was insane. So annoying -- I really rate him.
    6. Not enough gigs at Avalon in general that appealed. Missed Hobo Jones because I was feeling shit at that point and I had to sit outside the Avalon Cafe and listen from distance.
    7. The Correspondents are usually great, but they had too big a crowd, the Glade is surely now too small for them, we couldn't get near, and I could neither hear them nor see them, So I walked off to read the paper for a bit :oops:
    8. I'm convinced that Billy Bragg was either talking/ranting or playing every single time we walked past Leftfield on the way to somehere else. We decided that he had a five-hour gig early afternoon all day, every day :p ... I actually like some of his old stuff and I've never been your usual Urban75 Bragg-hater ;) but there can be too much of an OK-ish thing :D and it would have been nice to hear something different going on in Leftfield to tempt us in.
    9. Missed far too much else through shift commitments (eg Goldfrapp :( ), but missed many more from clashes, disorganisedness, cider, meeting people, etc etc. All that's Normal for Glastonbury and expected/fun, but it's still a shame sometimes to know that someone like Kate Tempest was the business and we'd intended to go but didn't make it :(. Then hear on here that her gig was great.
    10. I'm sure we wandered away from one or two other gigs because they didn't grab us or because they were boring, but I can't recall which ones for now.

    More in a bit ...
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  7. alsoknownas

    alsoknownas some bloke

    Yep, this was a real highlight of the festival for me. They were on top form :thumbs:.

    Sorry I didn't end up catching up with you by the way, just hectic festival stuff getting in the way.
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  8. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    Highlight for me was Kate Tempest but I also enjoyed Dhol Foundation (despite tech issues), Alison Moyet and KT Tunstall. Accidental fun discovery was the Columbian stuff on Croissant Neuf late Sat night.

    Didn't enter the SE corner (again) or dance, skirted the Park once, John Peel is miles away and I only saw the Other Stage in passing. The only thing I saw on the Pyramid was Corbyn and I only saw Arcadia in daylight. I spent less than half an hour in the Kids Field and visited the Greenpeace Kidz twice for about an hour. I walked through Cabaret at 11pm and never managed T&C further than Glebeland. I didn't ever walk through the Craft, Healing or Green Futures Fields and only went to the stones to take part in the Peace Sign. The woods sounded lovely but I didn't get that far, or up to the flags/tipi's/ribbon tower/Glastonbury sign.


    I had a really good time. We arrived Sunday which was a mistake because I then had to deal with three melting children for three days but once the weather improved everyone was mostly happy. I only saw one domestic all week and that was between a man and his tent. I bumped into most people I expected to and ate all the food I wanted to. Work was mostly a doddle; directions, sun lotion/aftersun, R&R etc. Did have one person really not having a great time but escalated that to medical.

    Not a vintage year imo, good but for various reasons not completely right.

    bads: the state of the toilets! I have a fairly high tolerance when it comes to toilets at festivals but I seemed to be rejecting 3 or 4 before finding one that was ok. The bins were constantly overflowing too.

    I didn't see a single place with a 'food for a fiver' dish.
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  9. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    Next time I'm going to make a concerted effort to get around a bit more ...
  10. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

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  11. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.


    I've mentioned Napalm Death already. Wonderful, thank you whoever was responsible. More 'horrible noise' next time please
    Kate Tempest: she just gets better and better. Spellbinding.
    Goldfrapp: not normally my thing but I wasn't desperate to do anything else so I trekked over to the John Peel stage (the Secret Hidden Venue ;) ) with a mate who wanted to go and enjoyed it. Tent was packed (though not as much as it was for The Killers later on by all accounts)
    London Elektricity Big Band: all the hits, Tony Coleman on bass guitar, a big horn section. Really liked it, especially singing along with Just One Second ("well your life's just a breeze in eternity, why not take this one chance and come fly with me, just this once, just this second that soon will be gone" gets me every time).
    Dreadzone: pretty much what you expect really, Glastonbury would be poorer without them. Thought maybe I'd seen them too many times to get excited any more but when they topped the set off with Little Britain, Fight the Power and an encore of Captain Dread ("AHOY!") I was bouncing around with the best of them.
    Radiohead: I'm no fan and they didn't convert me. Nuff said
    Status Quo Acoustic ("Aquostic" :D ): we ran away from Radiohead to watch Quo instead and had a right old giggle.
    Kris Kristofferson: enjoyable but seemed a little lost on the Pyramid and maybe just too old. Johnny Depp made a pointless cameo for Sunday Morning Coming Down.
    Noisia: finishing Saturday night at Arcadia. Brutal hard DnB which sounds even more brutal on Arcadia's rig
    Alabama 3: I almost missed these, had no idea they were playing until I spotted them on wiskey's clash finder. Acoustic set at Croissant Neuf which was agreeably shambolic in places. Rock broke a guitar string and Larry threatened to do some acapella while we waited for a replacement - Nick's dismay at this ("oh fucking hell no!") was hysterical. Larry asked if they looked like Radiohead doing a secret country gig and hoped we'd go out and tell everyone this was what we'd seen. All the hits - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, Woke Up This Morning, Hello I'm Johnny Cash, Up Above My Head, Let the Caged Bird Sing - finished with a glorious U Don't Dans 2 Tekno dedicated to "all the medical services at every festival I've been to in the past 20 years". Never, ever change please, you are wonderful.
    Dhol Foundation: brilliant, despite a few technical issues
    Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs: late night set in the Avalon Cafe. The usual old nonsense, their late shows always worth it just to sing along with Country Boy

    Probably lots more, it'll come back to me I'm sure
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  12. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Glastonbury 2017
    Non-performance goods and bads lists.

    1. We love our job. Our shifts were really nice, with partial exception of the 8 pm to midnight Sunday one, that was our only late shift though (and Justice were on at West Holts just below :) ). All the others were Noon to 4 pm, which on Wednesday especially, was welcome shelter from peak heat.
    2. Enquirers were really nice, almost without exception, and where we were up towards Green Fields, we had a high proportion of crew queries, which led to some great conversations at occasional quiet moments :)
    3. Because we're reliable at turning up, and because we know our shit, our crew bosses seemed very obviously keen at the end to get us back in 2019! :)
    4. No mud :cool: :cool: :cool: I appreciate that probably I'm in the minority on this, and festivaldeb disagrees too, but I'll take on almost any amount of heat and dust to be spared mudbath horrors. Last year's hellhole pissed me off so much that it made the fest so much harder work to enjoy.
    4. This year, we took what measures we could to avoid the extreme heat on Monday to Wednesday, I appreciate that 30c or more was a tad extreme :D. Lots of water helped, and less cider drinking before about 7 pm :)
    5. And from Thursday the weather became pleasant, with only minimal and light and short and very occasional showers. Plus at the end, on Sunday and Monday, it turned ideal : more sunny, less cloudy, no showers, and about 19c/20c :cool:
    6. Beautiful artwork everywhere.
    7. My photographer friend Simon (Shangri La crew) gave me good advice on getting my camera going again when I thought it had bitten the dust.
    8. Various crew parties. And as ever, we milked our access to some backstage bars to the max for crowd avoidance, rest, better beer/cider ( :oops: but also :) ).
    9. Didn't lose anything!
    10. Discovered a cracking soul-food/African food place in the main market just opposite the street that leads to the Big Top. Their veggie choices were ace.
    11. Last stall still open on Monday afternoon, Manic Organic, served us and then immediately afterwards closed --- but their last food (in big helpings :cool: ) was still great, and because we were so hungry, we were delighted.
    12. Moderately better choice of ale/beer and cider in some bars.
    13. Very low proportion indeed of arseholes/idiots that we saw. Lots of nice and friendly and polite people, both on shift and off :cool:
    14. Bumping into Riff and our other friends (incl Karlhippy ;) ) on Friday. I'd been feeling shit at that stage (see Hobo Jones point, previous post, and see Negatives below) and they cheered me up loads! 21st birthday fun ;)
    15. Late night wandering from midnight Sunday (when our shift finished) right through Monday morning, mostly but not completely SE Corner, This included ...
    16. Cineramageddon. I'd never intended to see any films there, for the same reasons given in earlier posts, but their freakishly modified old cars (Joe Rush/Mutoid Waste Co) blew me away. Managed to get some great and eerie dawn photos.
    17. Arcadia rocked!
    18. Every other good thing! So many of them. ETA :Including the widespread Corbyn-buzz, genuine excitement about him from all types, all ages :cool:

    Back at home Goods :
    19. Not back at work until Monday 3rd July!
    20. Engineer is installing our new Worcester/Bosch A-rated boiler as I post, the bath tomorrow morning will be epic :cool:, as I haven't been able to have anything but a shower since the week before Bearded Theory :hmm: ... and I won't have to constantly boil kettles for shaving, washing up etc.

    A few Negatives.
    1. Our van is fucked, accomodation wise (engine/mechanics/driving are fine). Despite thinking we'd had our electrics fixed, the day before we left, the twats had even after replacing the charging socket outside the van, not tested the leisure batteries, despite telling us they had :mad:. The batteries are currently unchargeable, so no electricity,
    2. Even worse, the switches that spark
    a. the cooker and
    b. the enclosed pilot light inside the gas powered fridge
    are both not working. We'd just replaced the gas too, as (happily) this had ran out on the Isle of Avalon campsite, Glastonbury town, where they sell gas, the Friday before we went on site. But with pilot light switch not functioning, no fridge :mad:. Obviously having to use matches for cooker is a first world problem :D but you can't use matches for getting the fridge going :(
    Oh well! We were away from the van almost all day most days, and our electrician friend Malcolm will look at it all for us, ahead of Flounder's Out West Fest.
    3. I'm on Co-Codomol for my torn muscle on my (thankfully uncracked) back rib, and it's a fucking shit drug which I hate and which at points left me feeling more woozy/tired/poorly at Glasto than for many years. Luckily, not all the time by any means, but! :hmm:
    4. Then I fell on my hand like a drunken twat (yes that's me folks :D ) on Saturday night by tripping over one of the big guyropes at the Avalon Cafe in the dark. Nothing broken, but a sprained wrist can really hurt at times. So more fucking Co-Codomol for longer, just as my back starts to recover in July :( :(
    (related small positive -- Co-Codomol is an antilaxative, but good weed mildly reverses the constipation effect efficiently -- not too efficiently either! -- and the combination gets you more stoned too :D ). I still can't bloody wait to be giving it up though, I'm determined to become more alert and clearheaded again.
    5. I like heat, but the extreme heat up to Wednesday (plus the above to an extent) left us unable to wander around as extensively as we normally manage in the build-up days, so we weren't as clued up about everywhere's location as we normally are. Didn't hinder our answers at work much or at all, luckily, but I'd rather be professional about preparing for Info, my real job. I'll take 24c and part-sunny/part-cloudy throughout for 2019! :p
    6. I was a bit more scared of big/intense crowds than I normally am ... being pushed over onto my back ribs anxiety .... (we were both anxious at the huge crowds actually)
    7. Beer/cider expensive, and the choice could still be improved.
    8. Didn't spend enough time in the Green Fields.
    9. Missed meeting more people than have I'd liked to. Eg alsoknownas , will you be at any other festivals?
    Oh yes ETA for one other bugbear :
    10. We at Info Crew had to sell the strong cloth Glastonbury souvenir bags (but really useful and good quality) for our Monday afternoon shift, our only bad one. Virtually no-one wanted to buy any, I sold 16 in 4 hours despite my being good on sales patter while drinking :D. It was unexpected, because those bags had been flying off the Info stalls constantly throughout the festival. Yet on Monday,at about the only time of Glastonbury 2017, a few people were rude, if I heard one more person whinge "What? £4=? They used to be free"++ I'd have kicked them. Most others just blanked us, really disheartening :(
    ++"Yes, they cost £4= now because the idiots at Yeo Valley Yoghurt stopped sponsoring the bags and removed their stall as well. How else do we make bags available? And they're bigger, and a damned sight better quality too, with a professional graphic design on one side and nice artwork on the other. You moaning tosser of a bellend"**
    **as I didn't actually say :D

    No other downsides really. Positives far far outweighed negatives generally :cool: :cool: :) :) by a factor of about 10 to 1 :)
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  13. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    The litter and waste and mess afterwards deserves its own post. It was shit, beyond shit, but significantly less in extent (IMO) than after 2016.
    Any level of waste is unforgiveable :mad:, but we were glad in some parts of some campsites to see much larger clear areas with no abandoned tents, and more places where people had at least gathered up and bagged rubbish together, than in previous years.

    So in short : D minus and 'could do much better', rather than an Unclassified fail .... probably :hmm:
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  14. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    We did tat a superb quality LED campsite light though, worth £15= to £20= easily :cool:
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  15. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    I didn't get a review I've just realised.
  16. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Were there any? Thought it had stopped
  17. So...

    What a year, some real hard work there. 11hr hr day unloading and rigging in 32deg heat on Wednesday was a killer, so was working until 5am on Sat night unloading Justice's 3 artics of lighting rig...

    Despite all that what a great time! Really good to be with the production team again, with this my 3rd year on West Holts it's coming back to old friends. We get shit done.

    Did my usual of spending some time with crew, some with punter friends and plenty just off on solo missions talking to everyone and wandering around having a dance absorbing Glastonbury.

    Gigwise Radiohead stole it for me, my last time as a punter was in 2003 at the ripe age of 20 (before a 12year hiatus returning to work on WH) and it was also my first weekend taking class a products, let's just say my life and character has been very different since.

    I remember then, the whole field singing along to the refrain "For a minute there, I lost myself" on Karma Police and when they ended with the same on Friday I was very close to tears. This isn't common knowledge yet and is very early (and I know some of you have/are mutual WH acquaintances so would appreciate this kept quiet for now) but on my return from Glasto I found that my wife is now expecting. It's what she wants but I'm fucking terrified!

    Given my life between 2003-2017 I am planning a new tattoo incorporating those lyrics, that time, I think it's quite poignant. It's certainly not just the Glasto aftermath that's keeping me emotionally vulnerable in the office.

    For a minute there, I lost myself.
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  18. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Campsite crew lady stopped to thank us for leaving no trace. Our pitch was spotless when we went.
    She took some unopened booze to recycling for us.
    Hope the refugees find good use for it.
  19. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

  20. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    If you just abandon tents they go to landfill. If you take them to recycling they get sent for use by refugees.
    She took our booze there too so hopefully they get it rather than the recycling crew drinking it all after their shifts.

    They also got my double sleeping bag. But I took that there myself.
  21. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    It has stopped -- no reviews this year. That's why we (Info crew) were selling surplus Glastonbury bags on the Monday, instead -- see my earlier post.
  22. Ranbay

    Ranbay The same rules apply

    One year I came home with 127 cans of beer and cider.... I recycled al the empty cans after :D
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  23. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    I have started the laundry. Left everything in the van last night :D
  24. alsoknownas

    alsoknownas some bloke

    Something else that I'm really fucking happy about - much fewer people filming the acts on their phones. Even the ones that did seemed to be just scooping up a minutes worth of souvenir footage then putting their phones away. We seem to have moved beyond the novelty phase of being able to film everything, back to a realisation that actually, live experiences are best experienced, well... live!

    Having said that, the saddest thing I saw all weekend was the poor fuck who was filming Frank Carter's set on the big screen, even to the extent that when Frank did his amazing crowd walking act, ending up just yards from us, he was still filming the fucking screen which was further away in the opposite direction :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:.
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  25. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

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  26. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    I came to the conclusion that the audience this year was generally older and more plodding than the last few years. This meant that they were less likely to go into the smaller venues. Also the weather was good so people weren't confined to tents and so they were ALL ON THE MAIN DRAG :mad: There just seemed to be people on the paths all the time, masses of them.
  27. BCBlues

    BCBlues Lend us a Twenner

  28. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    I may have made 21 fests, but if he really has been to every one since 1984, he's made 28! Impressed/jealous because he's not had gaps since his first Glastonbury in 1984, and I've had five :( :oops:

    There'll be others here and elsewhere who've been even more times ...

    (I don't actually like flags at Glastonbury, but I'll let that much of a veteran off ... maybe ... :hmm: :D )
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  29. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    I didn't spot that flag on the telly this year, despite looking for it, but there was another more complicated Wolves flag! I thought he must have lost the old one.
  30. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    I've seen his flag in past years and was puzzled by it. Thanks for enlightening me as to the background. Didn't realise how it was notorious to more than just me.

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