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Glasgow Celtic 2018/19: Hoops Dreams


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Announcement for followers of the Scottish Premier League.

The SPL would like to apologise for disruptions to your service in the last few months. Normal Service has now been resumed.

We would like to apologise to the supporters of Hertz and The Rangers Football Club (2012) for raising hopes, among the most delusional of you, that ye might match the might of the Champions over the longer term. We fully expect that the natural order of these things will be completely restored once Celtic win their game in hand.


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I hope they stick with Ralston and Johnston for the Aberdeen game. Both played well today. If it wasn't for Dundee's goalie and the woodwork it would have been 7 or 8.


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Snow is falling all around us
Celtic playing having fun
It's the season for love and understanding
Merry Christmas fuck the huns.


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Well, that's January's 'Crisis at Celtic Park' over. What's that now? The fourth or fifth 'Crisis at Celtic Park' this season already?

How many weeks before media invent the next 'Crisis at Celtic Park'? Answers on a postcard...

Looks like our main rivals (Killie) will continue to struggle for goals... and thus will continue to struggle to catch the Hoops.

Gotta fancy the |Sheepshaggers to catch (and overtake) the Huns though.

Great 3-way dogfight for the relegation spots too.
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