Glade 2007 20-22 July

Discussion in 'festivals' started by Tort, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Tort

    Tort Well-Known Member

    Not that I was necessarily thinking of going but may be of interest to some.

    News Article
  2. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    oh fuck it :(
  3. max_freakout

    max_freakout Nothing matters

  4. fogbat

    fogbat The Talibum

    Aww, fuck. :mad:
  5. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    thats a shame i really enjoyed working last year
  6. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    that is shit. It was SO damn good last year :(
  7. perplexis

    perplexis A change of scene, a change of style....

    Fucking bollocks. :(
    It was a good festival too. What a total shame.
    Put a downer on a nice Friday too :(
    BLERGH :mad:
  8. david dissadent

    david dissadent New Member

    Missing Bangface tonight and this....

    Heard it earlier but bummer.
  9. psycherelic

    psycherelic I'm not an old hippy!

    :( Was planning on going as a punter this year :(
  10. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    we'd blagged it again too :(
  11. Dask

    Dask Rebel Intelligence

    I enjoyed the first glade I went to (2005) but last years I was really put off by the Security, to the point that I didn't think I'd bother to go again.

    Who needs a bunch of psy trance trustafarians anyway? :D

    Bring on Glastonbury!
  12. Dask

    Dask Rebel Intelligence

  13. david dissadent

    david dissadent New Member

  14. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

  15. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    I'd recently heard that the organisers, or someone, had fucked up some aspect of the licence application paperwork (I've now read Tort's link and understand better) but even in that Newbury Today story, it doesn't look like a definite cancellation. I'd never heard that it was up til now.

    So the possibility of it being reinstated must be a relief for those who want to go .,..

    Fingers crossed for you.
  16. spoone

    spoone club sandwiches not seals

    if its really cancelled that sucks - i was looking foward to going this year, its shortly after i turn 18
  17. art of fact

    art of fact wavvvey

    a shitter indeed... gonna concentrate on going glastonbury now me tinks
  18. DJ Squelch

    DJ Squelch King Of Insides

    Whats going on with that 07.07.07 Antiworld festie? Is it still a goer?

    I think Glade 07 will still happen. Most people seem to think this aplication failure is only temporary.
  19. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    article mentions something about the time it would take to get a re-application approved would mean they only had 2 months to arrange the whole thing once given the definite go ahead. Fingers crossed and that but it sounds like they're scuppered - 2 months isn't enough time.
  20. david dissadent

    david dissadent New Member

    On Efests are reporting that a conversation with an orginiser today they stated it was deffinently going ahead.
  21. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Just checked this over there.

    It's possible Mr Piper is being overoptimistic about how quickly he and his co-organisers can get a renewed licence applicatiuon together (I take PieEye's point on that).. But I suppose his confidence means there's more than a little hope, and that contradicts the impression given in that Newbury Today story that the Glade's cancellation is a near definite.
  22. david dissadent

    david dissadent New Member

    Yeah its not dead just on life support. I am now giving alot of thought to ditching Glade and Womad this year and doing Sziget instead.

    Ill have a descion this weekend as transport is still kinda cheep.
  23. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    that is good news - I'm just going on a detail in that story anyway. I do hope they sort it out!!
  24. TylerD

    TylerD out of space

    Functional Biff (one of the Glade organisers and Breaksday head honcho) is also on record as saying that the article is inaccurate:

    Biff speaks

    This knock-back was known about for two weeks, it's being dealt with and there's no sign of them throwing in the towel just yet. But all someone has to do is post a link from a local rag (with a history of wrong predictions about Glade***) and mass panic breaks out on the internet! :D

    It is a setback obviously - delays affect bookings, equipment hire etc - but not an insurmountable one.

    Nick Ladd, another organiser, has been talking of Devon as a fallback option in case Wasing falls through anyway. A couple of other things - he says there'll be a techno tent and the Roots Tent, which is about the origins of dance music and will have a big element of live bands.

    *** The Newbury Weekly News also confidently told its readers that Glade 2006 wouldn't happen... and it sorta did.
  25. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    council holding out for more money anyone? :rolleyes:
  26. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    it will happen. no worries people!
  27. DJWrongspeed

    DJWrongspeed radio eros

    as i was saying to art of fact yesterday when you see the obligatory media hysteria of illegal rave horror this summer is it any wonder? look what happens when you try and do things legally. Just get's harder and harder. Does this country not realise we're a world leader in dance music, something to celebrate surely?
  28. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    <raises hands to the lasers>
  29. Moggy

    Moggy Fair enough

    Whoah, had me panicking there for a moment!

    Hopeefully all goes well as apart from one or two minor incidents re: the security i encountered last year it was brilliant! :D :cool:
  30. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    bacon roll, moggy? ;)

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