Giuseppe Mascoli: Franco Manca owner and Market Row entrepreneur

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Having read the article I do not think its tongue in cheek.
  2. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Sparkly cat whisperer

    I normally do a take away from Franco's. Can't be arsed with queue and its much cheaper, quicker, tastier etc than other local pizza take options.
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  3. cuppa tee

    cuppa tee Well-Known Member

    Castello was ace, now I go to Bar Lenuccia in what used to be the Union Tavern on Vassall/Camberwell Road :)
  4. mxh

    mxh Well-Known Member

    Castello were excellent pizzas, if the over powering smell of garlic didn't knock you out when you walked within 100 yards of the place, then it was a fantastic experience.
  5. uk benzo

    uk benzo أنا ليس أمريكي

    Castello was shit IMO. Had a lasagna there once- it was cold in the middle.
  6. happyshopper

    happyshopper Well-Known Member

    It didn't close, it just moved to Jamaica Road - see Only a short distance from Bermondsey tube station.

    The original Franco's was the best. I ate their once a week for a while, with noticeable results on my waistline. It sort of went off a bit when the place in Clapham opened.
  7. happyshopper

    happyshopper Well-Known Member

    (continued) Although from reports it seems like Castello now has a new owner and has become ordinary to poor.
  8. Ms Ordinary

    Ms Ordinary randompointlesschemistry

    Think Eco started off in the market, in the spot where Franco Manca now is, then Eco opened the Clapham site & Franco Manca took over the old Eco site in the market. (They may have been more linked than that, ex-employees of one or the other).
    I remember eating at Eco in the market, have never actually got round to trying Franco Manca.
  9. fortyplus

    fortyplus smug git

    I thought that the original Franco's (was it the son of the original Franco?) opened Eco in Clapham, and then rebranded the Brixton place as Eco - which was a mistake - and then sold out to Mascoli. Possibly with a bankruptcy through over-borrowing for the two places along the way. But the original was definitely Franco's in Brixton.
  10. Ms Ordinary

    Ms Ordinary randompointlesschemistry

    That sounds both more complicated & more accurate than I remember :D a cats cradle of linking.

    The bit where Eco-that-used-to-be-Franco's became Franco-Manca-that-used-to-be Eco sounds familiar.
  11. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    Perhaps it is otherworldly to them, especially if the come from the closed media community in Hampstead and Highgate? ;)
  12. OvalhouseDB

    OvalhouseDB Well-Known Member

    This thread is like my whole life passing before my eyes in pizza form.

    I used to work for the London Bubble theatre based in Rotherhithe and we'd recover from a particularly tricksy youth group with a pizza in Castello. Then meet in Franco's early lunchtime on a Saturday. Then when it became Eco I won a free meal for two by devising and naming a new pizza in a competition advertised on the back of a Ritzy flyer. And I invited a work contact on a date for that free pizza...and he is now my partner.
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  13. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

  14. Ol Nick

    Ol Nick beer in Brixton

    I liked Pangaea. Or was it Pangea? Because you could sit down, in a room, and eat your pizza. An idea that seems laughably old-fashioned today.
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  15. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Oooh yes, I liked Pangaea (not sure either how to spell it).
  16. ash

    ash Inittogether

    Well said when my grandmother in law was shopping in the market in 1944 I don't suppose it was 100% exclusively Afro-Caribbean, very lazy journalism indeed.
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  17. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Indeed. Here's a scene from 1977:

    And here's how it looked in 1966:

    And here's a scene outside the market from 1952:

    [All images from]
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  18. tarannau

    tarannau Mongolian eyed

    Wasn't that where Atlantis* is now to be found, or is my memory playing tricks on me? Good place - used to split my pizza orders between that and Franco's/Ecos, with that strangely moreish lemongrass chicken number.

    I've still a little bit of a soft spot for Ferndale's. I can't claim that the pizzas are in any way distinguished, but it's a likeable enough place that I've enjoyed on my few visits there. Cheap and friendly, a decent place for a meet up. It's survived for 20 odd years, which is no mean achievement in itself.

    *As in the ambitiously named bar on the site of Taco Joes, sure to be a crushing disappointment. It has a sign and logo that belongs to a provincial kebab shop ffs.
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  19. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I'm afraid my expectations-o-meter for Atlantis is already set firmly at zero. Their flyer is a shocker.
  20. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    They are by far my favorite pizza I have ever had. apart from home cooked.

    I have only qued if we have left the house with the sole purpose of going there.
    The ques go really quickly. I have never waited more than 5 minutes.

    Oh fuck it can't spell que properly can I :facepalm:
  21. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    yes.. it is. Always wondered why they closed down..
  22. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

  23. madolesance

    madolesance Well-Known Member

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  24. Kanda

    Kanda Diving wanker

    Pizza Pilgrims is better, Berwick St Market and various locations
  25. grit

    grit an ugly force for good

    Cheers will check it out.
  26. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    My favourite is Pizza Metro - they have branches in Battersea and Notting Hill. They sell square pizza by the metre, very simple toppings but delicious.
  27. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  28. Lo Siento.

    Lo Siento. Second As Farce

    you Londoners and your queueing for restaurants is beyond me.

    (and pizza, ffs! Surely there's a limit to how good crispy flat bread with stuff on it can be!)
  29. TruXta

    TruXta tired

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  30. trabuquera

    trabuquera Modesty Bag

    You could not be more wrong. Any fool knows that there is NO limit on how good pizza (or other toast-based meal concepts) can be.
    You'll be denying that heaven can be found in a good pie next ffs. :p
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