Getting into the Grateful Dead

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by ska invita, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

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  2. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    I've tried them a few times before and never really got their appeal. Middle of the road country rock noodling.
    I was hoping this thread would show me the error of my ways, but it's just re-enforced my prejudice. That disco-ish one KB posted looks like their zenith, but being honest I probably wouldn't bother dancing to it
  3. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

  4. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    From the film Festival Express...
    This was more the sort of thing I liked them doing - the country stuff, not the waffly stuff they did later.
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  5. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    im hoping to come up with a nice shortlist before too can be a bit hit and miss to my ears, but theres definitely a vibe and attitude that comes across, even on the trad bluegrass stuff!

    i know what you mean about middle of the road, but sometimes its more sublime than that - it isnt as edgey as the real rock end of the psych rockers, but at its best its on a more gentle-tripping level that i enjoy - kind of music that it would be hard to have a bad trip to iyswim...i do find it colourful (in a earthy rainbows maan, kind of way)... especially the stuff from the 60s

    and the turn to country seemed to have happened in the 70s i think (though there are funk and disco moments too in that era) - the 60s stuff is more in a rnb/blues/hendrix tradition....still finding my way in it all...
  6. newbie

    newbie undisambiguated

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  7. newbie

    newbie undisambiguated

    doesn't compute. they toured relentlessly for 30 years, doing 2000+ 3/4 hour sets all, or almost all, taped. It's all out there, just start at the beginning....
  8. campanula

    campanula plant a seed

    Blues for Allah - my top gardening album for idling in the greenhouse.
    Box of Rain - total nostalgia (for long lost loves).

    True though - I cannot stay in the present when listening - I am 17, transported back to the Ally Pally - the only time I have seen them live.
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  9. og ogilby

    og ogilby Well-Known Member


    Not sure I know what you mean by the later waffly stuff.:hmm: Those half hour drum solos can be a bit testing if you're not in the mood though.:D
  10. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

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  11. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    I've really got into this LP since the thread was last bumped.
  12. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    I wore a t-shirt of it for years before I listened to the actual album. When I finally listened to the album, it didn't match up to what I'd imagined. But in a good way :)
  13. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    haven't listened to them since 2012 when i was at an expat and his canadian gf's party. not missing much. Will stick to first ash ra tempel album and Flower Travellin' band for my psychedelic rock needs.

    They did all that horrid tim leary shit afterwards around 73 but man what an album to start off with!

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  14. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    Have you tried Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO, yet?
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  15. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    yeah i ave but they have way too much. maybe even more than sun ra!
  16. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

  17. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees Enforced Holiday

    enjoying this muchly :thumbs:
  18. Kaka Tim

    Kaka Tim Crush the Saboteurs!

    nope. still utterly fail to see why they had any success -not a single one of their songs ever sticks in my head - which is in marked contrast their california contemporaries such as the byrds, the doors, big brother, mamas and papas and jefferson airplane.
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  19. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.


    Is there a tinsmith in your town, they may be able to sort your ears? :D
  20. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    It must have been the roses
    Sugar magnolia
    He's gone
    Morning Dew
    Saint Stephen

  21. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    The ultimate is Grateful Dead - 2015 - 30 Trips Around The Sun [mp3 V0] {80 CD Boxset}

    It is available on Torrentquest. It's nearly an 8Gb download, but awesome.

    Grateful Dead Announces 80-Disc '30 Trips Around the Sun' Box Set

    It is 30 unreleased full concert recordings.

    I remember way back, in 1981, they appeared on the German TV show Rockpalast, they did their first set, then The Who were on, then the Dead again. They did about 3½ hours in total. (This too is available on the net).
  22. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    Good point. I think my ears were damaged when I heard Truckin’.
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  23. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    Did you listen to 'Ripple'? It's off the 'American Beauty' album.
  24. Kaka Tim

    Kaka Tim Crush the Saboteurs!

    ripple is ... well its pleasant enough country swing type stuff - but its hardly eight miles high or white rabbit or alone again or - or many other songs by their contemporaries that must have sounded like a sonic revolution at the time.
    I mean - did they actually ever take any acid? I cant hear anything mindblowing in their music
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  25. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    1968-1969 live sets are the way to go for the most acid Peak GD. They always start mellow and get a bit more out there as it goes on. But that relative lack of mindblowing is what makes them such an anomoly.
    Maybe its more a mushroom vibe - i feel like their whole thing is to try and keep the trip on a mellow good vibe - there's no shock and awe about them. The set in the OP is a good example.
    Hard to find the words but I find a lot of the soloing is quite introverted in its pattern making.
  26. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral. R.I.P.

    I have always found them OK.

    I think hard work has given them their reputation and huge, generation crossing, almost cult following success. They are actually pretty average. Harmless OK.

    Much prefer Neil Young' s work on the ...
  27. Rosemary Jest

    Rosemary Jest Wrong and Unstable

    Loving From the Mars Hotel album at the moment.

    Scarlett Begonias is a fucking tune!
  28. Rosemary Jest

    Rosemary Jest Wrong and Unstable

    Speaking of which, the Grateful Shred are a bunch of young lads who do a pretty good tribute, worth checking out:

    ''Bong Hits for Jesus" :D

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  29. Yossarian

    Yossarian free shrugs

    I think most Deadheads will tell you that you had to be there (maaan.) A year or two before Jerry Garcia died, I was sharing a house with a massive Grateful Dead fan who would go and see them every chance he got but he never listened to their records, I'm not 100% sure he even owned any apart from maybe a couple of live bootlegs.
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  30. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Didn't they feed their horses acid?

    Wrong 'uns.

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