Gerry Adams home attacked with explosive device

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by Sunset Tree, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Sunset Tree

    Sunset Tree Well-Known Member

    Just saw this breaking on twitter and starting to get picked up by media. Maybe a petrol bomb, no injuries. Seems a pretty major development in terms of potential repercussions, escalations of ongoing trouble and so on.

    Guardian link
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  2. Sunset Tree

    Sunset Tree Well-Known Member

    I assumed this would be loyalists but a journo on twitter reckons dissident republicans
  3. equationgirl

    equationgirl Respect my existence or expect my resistance

    Same on BBC - dissident republicans.
  4. 8ball

    8ball Considerably more oppressed than yow

  5. cupid_stunt

    cupid_stunt Dyslexic King Cnut the Great.

    Apparently the attacks came soon after the Sinn Féin leader condemned dissident republicans for the violence over the last few nights, in a statement to the media, so it would seem connected.

  6. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

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  7. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

  8. Sunset Tree

    Sunset Tree Well-Known Member

    I just read that it was an industrial grade firework rather than a petrol bomb. I imagine they can produce quite a blast though.

    Gerry Adams offering to meet the attackers to they can explain themselves, he should've offered a square go
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  9. Sunset Tree

    Sunset Tree Well-Known Member

    This is mental. Any wider political reason for the upsurge in this activity or is it just a cyclical thing? Real IRA have been around for ages.
  10. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    This has been happening for quite a while. It's not sudden
  11. Sunset Tree

    Sunset Tree Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, I've not really been paying attention. That article said this is the worst it's been for years though, I just wondered if there's a reason for that
  12. PaoloSanchez

    PaoloSanchez Well-Known Member

    This is almost like real life imitating art. They should be on the lookout for this man...

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  13. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    Nobody is steering the ship.
    And there is a lot of unrest.
    Brexit is also something that people are very concerned about...... the fact that a border could (will) return if Brexit does what it says it will. It's the nail in the coffin in some terms of a 32 county Ireland.

    Lots of reasons ... I doubt I know most of them.
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  14. cupid_stunt

    cupid_stunt Dyslexic King Cnut the Great.

    Yep, but this is the New IRA, not the Real IRA, it's all very Monty Python TBH.

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  15. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

    Anyone on here able to explain the wider issues and politics around the quite long run rioting etc? SF are dismissing it as anti social behaviour, whipped up by the real IRA.
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  16. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    "The New IRA comprises of former factions of the Real IRA, Republican Action Against Drugs – which was based around Clady, Derry and Strabane – and seasoned republicans who had previously appeared to support the peace process but became active again.

    "Other members include those who had stayed away from the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA and ONH (Oglaigh na hEireann) because of the infiltration of those groups by gardai and security agencies in the North.

    "Many members have acquired counter-surveillance skills by attending courses in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and possibly Poland, according to intelligence sources.

    "Most of them travel out under the guise of setting up supposedly legitimate security companies.

    "The New IRA has also been developing its “engineering” side and manufacturing improvised explosive devices and attempting to open up new routes to buy guns.

    "It was responsible in November 2012 for the murder of Northern Ireland prison officer David Black (52) on the M1 as he was driving to work at Maghaberry near Lisburn.

    "Some of its members were also involved in the 2011 murder of PSNI constable Ronan Kerr and the earlier murders of off-duty British soldiers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar as they took delivery of a pizza outside Massereene barracks in Antrim.

    "The New IRA has also been involved in several attempted killings and bombings in recent years. Its members are also behind a number of punishment beatings, which are at an all-time high in Belfast.

    "These are now referred to as community controlled violence (CCV) and have resulted in five deaths in Northern Ireland in the past year.

    "Gardai have kept a close watch on the movements of known New IRA activists, particularly during events such as the recent visit of Prince Charles.

    "A new Belfast-based dissident republican political party, known as Saoradh, which has the support of New IRA prisoners in jails on both sides of the Border, was launched last September.

    "Among those who attended its first ard fheis, held in Newry, was prominent dissident Colin Duffy.

    "A tribute was paid in a Saoradh newsletter to Micky Barr, who was shot dead in the Sunset House pub in Summerhill, Dublin, during the Kinahan-Hutch feud in April last year.

    "Saoradh also has a branch in Dublin."

    New IRA the 'biggest terrorist threat to state since the Provos' -
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  17. N_igma

    N_igma Epistemic nuisance

    There’s quite a few things. The latest generation of young people have no idea of what the troubles were like so they don’t have that ‘let’s never go back to those days’ mentality so they aren’t affected by the wider consciousness surrounding the troubles.

    Groups like Saoradh and the youth group Eistigi which would broadly be under the dissident/anti-GFA/anti-SF republican umbrella are very strong in these areas and have seem to taken the mantle in terms of community activism from SF. The motto of Saoradh is ‘Unfinished Revolution’ so there is this idea that there is still business to be done.

    I follow quite a few of these groups on Facebook and they post up a lot of videos of stop and searches by the PSNI, general harassment of their members and there are protests against imprisoned/interned dissidents such as Tony Taylor that have angered many on the streets. There is a real feeling that they have been abandoned by SF and constitutional nationalists who have reneged on true Republican principles.

    Socially there are issues too. Derry is the second largest city in the North but has suffered economically over the past few years and there is a perceived bias that all new infrastructure, investment and money etc goes ‘East of the Bann’ I.e towards Belfast and its environs. These fears are not unfounded as the North West area has always been underfunded compared to the East and coupled with austerity this has left working class areas like the Bogside way behind. Brexit and fears over cross border trade and how that will plan out has done little to alleviate these fears.

    As for targeting the Fountain estate I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps with heightened tensions surrounding bonfires and OO marches with the above has created the perfect storm for stuff like this to happen. But I think the most important thing to take is that there is a clear mentality from these groups that they are under attack from state forces and that Sinn Fein are doing nothing about it and probably explains why Gerry Adams house was attacked last night.
  18. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    Let's hope it's not 1921 all over again.
  19. The Octagon

    The Octagon Stop...Hammertime

    Has anyone verified the whereabouts of Jackie Chan?

    EDIT - Shit, too late, damn you PaoloSanchez
  20. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    The Fountain Estate is unionist...And quite close to the Bogside.
    There has been a very strong PSNI presence in the Bogside for quite a while. People are feeling the pressure I would say.
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  21. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    after truce and treaty and the parting of the ways...
    Surely 1922
  22. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    Yes... but it all started 6th Dec 21.
  23. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    It started, insofar as it can ever start, in May 1169, around teatime
  24. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    You're right ...:D
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  25. PaoloSanchez

    PaoloSanchez Well-Known Member

    Oops sowwy, tbh I thought someone would have mentioned it before I did and had to doublecheck that a reference hadn't already been made.
  26. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    What’s interesting is the absolute absence of SF from your post. These are heartland areas and where you’d expect they’d be closely involved in both highlighting the issues you raise and also directing protest against them. Instead, they’ve become a target and symbol of the dissatisfaction of a working class nationalist community. A paradigm shift for them, and I’d suggest the electoral strategy chickens coming home to roost
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