Germany vs Turkey

Discussion in 'Euro2008 (archive)' started by frogwoman, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    lol wtf at bbc one ... :D
  2. selamlar

    selamlar is aware of the irony.

  3. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    Sky "News" is a misnomer.
    it is just a trailer for its other three sports channels.
    That's why you see naff all on Formula 1 as well, for example.

    It dies have good football transfer coverage but that's all part of its big build-up to the start of the season.
  4. Choc

    Choc Well-Known Member

    what an exciting game. plus with all the tv disturbances - what a nerve wreck!!

    turkey played really well, at least they are out on a high (i hope).

    i think if russia wins the next game that would make me quite nervous. so i am all for spain tonight!
  5. Artie Fufkin

    Artie Fufkin Polymer Records

    wasn't too bothered who won this before the game but by the final whistle I felt as gutted for Turkey as I do when England get knocked out.

    I'm sure Germany can't play that badly again but I'm hoping Russia win tonight and go on to win the tournament.
  6. magneze

    magneze mnemonic beef

    Turkey were unlucky but this result probably makes a better final. Russia to win the whole thing. :cool:
  7. Choc

    Choc Well-Known Member

    if russia will be in the final then...the tiger has to come out in the germans. no fluffing and hanging around business anymore.

    (it would be an exciting match)
  8. Diamond

    Diamond The Red Baron

    I'm sorry but you're talking absolute bollocks. Have you watched their games, and if so point me to what makes their style cynical.
  9. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    Good call!
  10. Pie 1

    Pie 1 The fuck did I do?

    In reference to the TV blackout, I was reading this wondering what you were all on about as I was watching in Switzerland on the SF2 channel and we had no blackouts at all.
    Seems that all the global live feeds go through Uefa's hub in Vienna where the storm problems were, and the Swiss were the only one's using there own live feed direct from Basel.


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