Genesis: Foxtrot. Oh yes, indeedy.

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by editor, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Yeah, I know: they're as cool as a barbecue on the surface of the Sun, and I'm ready to take some flak, but what the fuck: Foxtrot has got to be just about the best prog album ever released.

    Genesis – Foxtrot <- spotify link
  2. audiotech

    audiotech wav, aiff, mp3, ogg, flac

    Yep, one of their best productions that I have on vinyl.
  3. geminisnake

    geminisnake a complex mass of conflicting ideas

    I've you tubed Supper's Ready. It's giving me a headache. I've given up now(I listened to 3 1/2 minutes, ff to 6 minutes, ff to 7, then 8), and I never want to hear it again. I see NVP's point about prog now.

    I do like The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and I like I know What I like(hubby just told me the name, I call it the 1 o clock and time for lunch song)
  4. ericjarvis

    ericjarvis give a feck for the feckless

    On it's own it justifies their existence. Unfortunately it pretty much has to since it's the only album they ever made without at least three awful tracks on it.
  5. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    It's no 'King Of The Nordic Twilight', though, is it?

  6. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    got to love the prog metal covers

  7. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.

    I was known as the geek who took Foxtrot and Trespass to parties as a teenager.

    Turning up in my casual gear with 2 Genesis LP's and a 4 pack of Super Brew.

    Didn't make sense really.

    The real Genesis intellectual post hippie rock fuckers hated me for spoiling their image. The rest just put me on ignore.
  8. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    Apocalypse in 9/8 :cool:

    I still like Lamb Lies Down too, mind.
  9. southside

    southside Banned

    One thing that amazes me about this album is the fact they did it live, ffs.

    How the flying did they remember it all?

    I'm a major fan of this lot but my wife hates it, she calls it marching music :(
  10. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.

    I still rate Trespass as the better album simply for Visions of Angels.

    Still works for me.
  11. southside

    southside Banned

    Anthony Philips on drums if remember rightly.

    The Knife is my favorite track of that album but there are so many great epic songs from the Gabriel era I really like Selling England.
  12. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Battle of Epping Forest really is quite mental.
  13. southside

    southside Banned

    The level of musicianship on those albums is so high, I don't listen to much these days because I've played it to death, but every now and again I have to have a fix just for nostalgia :)
  14. BlueSquareThing

    BlueSquareThing With chips

    Yes, but for The Knife like southside.

    But Foxtrot is a close #2.

    Kinda lose interest after that to be honest.
  15. Bernie Gunther

    Bernie Gunther Fundamentalist Druid

    I don't particularly like them (vastly preferred Hawkwind of the prog crowd), but I did see them on the 'Lamb Lies Down' tour and they played a bunch of 'Foxtrot' stuff during the many encores. They were quite impressive live. Gabriel was well up to dealing with the notorious Liverpool Empire hecklers too (though I'd guess he'd have to be dressed like that ... *snerk*)
  16. Sgt Howie

    Sgt Howie Politics of envy

    Prefer the one with Firth of Fifth on it
  17. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    Saw them on the Foxtrot tour in Liverpool as I recall (70s was a bit hazy for me) was very impressive, would have liked to seen Lamb Lies Down tour.
  18. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I'm just playing it now and its still jolly good.
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  19. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    it is hands down one of the worst albums to come out of that 'prog' rock scene. even worse than ELP Tarkus and that's saying something.

    If you want good prog listen to Henry Cow In Praise of Learning or Van Der Graaf Generator Godbluff. Or the Italian stuff like Area - Crac.
  20. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    or even that first mahavishnu orchestra album - even though I much prefer John's work with Miles.
  21. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

  22. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Oh jolly good. A patronising lecture on what is 'good' based on a personal opinion. Jog on.
  23. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    That is HORRID.
  24. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    it's not tho is it? it is fucking terrible. worse than the ozric tentacles even.
  25. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    that is my idea of punk.
  26. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Can you fuck off this thread and start your own, please? Thanks. It's really quite rude to just to piss over a thread like this.
  27. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    is that your defence of genesis?
  28. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    *watches thread*
  29. Chilli.s

    Chilli.s changed the little words

    Foxtrot, brilliant.
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  30. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I don't have to 'defend' anything, but you can stop being a dick.

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