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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Love this pic (photographer unknown)

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    I'm doing a history piece on Our Sons and have come across this photo. But where was it taken? The number is wrong for Electric Ave (and their Golders Green branch) and it's not Brixton Road....

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    they got a mention in 'commercial motor' in November 1922 for a new van - article here - but can't read any branch addresses.

    presume you've seen this.

    photo is the Golders Green shop - after a certain amount of unproductive research, i've established that 'the promenade' is the row of shops that included 93 - 95 Golders Green Road, listing info here. the brickwork round the first floor windows matches even if that sort of shop doorway is now a thing of the past (a waste of retail space and somewhere for unsocial activities to happen!)

    Golders Green branch was listed in 1914 Middlesex directory, and the Electric Avenue in the 1911 and 1919 London Suburbs directories.

    Balloons round the doors suggest possible opening of the new branch?

    can't find anything online about the company - can usually trace something in London Gazette, but no traces of 'our sons ltd'
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    I had a good look too, but nothing came up. Strange.

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