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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Didn't take photos, but in 2007 I watched whilst a family of owls were likewise ill-treated.
    I never quite got over it. Bit off topic, more hisotric than the above.
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    Oops. Just realised I'm in the wrong thread. :D Anyway. These feckers are asking for it.
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    This is probably the least relevant bit of Brixton history ever, but a friend and I were discussing the shops we remembered from the high street and coldharbour line since we moved into the area circa 2000, many of which now swept away (as an aside, many thanks editor for all of your Brixton X Years Ago stories, proved invaluable)... but can anyone remember what was at 506-508 brixton road before Speedy Noodle...?!
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    Another takeaway place IIRC - Kings Rice or something like that. Better than SN.
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  8. editor

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    How far back are you going?


    The Brixton apocalypse begins as Foxtons arrive on Brixton Road
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  9. stdP

    stdP I never learn.

    We looked at that very article :) Sadly I don't remember ever visiting this establishment for a new fur coat, although I could do with a girdle ;) We were just trying to piece together all the stuff we could remember going to about 2000... knew there was something there before Speedy Noodle but not sufficiently distinct for us to remember it (which makes Winot's observation of another pan-asian takeaway place sound immensely feasible)... dusty stirrings say it might have been a take-out place that was open quite late, because when I did pick up a takeaway in Brixton I would usually grab the pepper salmon from That Place With The Enthusiastically Cheerful Chinese Lady That Got Redone As 'Gyoza' Near The Albert but that closed earlier. I could of course be mis-remembering the whole thing...
  10. CH1

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    It was originally a Wimpey bar in 1979, which then transformed into a café (i.e. left the Wimpey franchise). The owner was a gay Cypriot called "Stephen" who was friendly with Canon Walker - the first chair of the Community/police Consultative Group for Lambeth. Maybe Father Walker was his confessor. Stephen favoured emaciated looking young men, whose he would employ as waiters in the cafe. Unfortunately he was an early victim of AIDS.

    How do I know all this? Because I used to live in Effra Court, as did the local postman who was the worst gossip I've ever met. Stephen the cafe proprietor had one of the two top floor balcony flats in Effra Court. Very nice too - as I know from being invited to soirées at the other balcony flat which belonged to a stockbroker.

    Regarding the cafe/Speedy Noodle there was also a halal burger bar there in the mid 1990s before Speedy Noodle.

    You did ask.
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    Brixton 1938

    posted on tweeter today by @robnitm

    (bus route 45 then is not the same as today's bus route 45 in case you're wondering - i think that incarnation of route 45 was withdrawn as part of the wartime reductions)
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  12. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    I see there were 'we buy gold shops' back then too
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  13. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Kings Rice'n'Spice.
    I seem to recall that it was the law that you must stop there on the way home from the Dog Star.
    "Pan Asian" is a generous description.

    It closed a little after 9/11 and a friend in the special forces told me it had been money laundering for al-Qaida. No idea whether there's any truth in that.
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  14. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Good to hear that at least something there was clean.
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  15. ringo

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    I used to love that place :thumbs:
  16. editor

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  17. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    I don't remember it as asian at all. Somali more like. Possibly that accounts for the throwaway comment above. After all there's been a lot of trouble with little Somali money transfer shops - such as the one opposite the Barrier Block.

    Whereas those running HSBC, noted for its active South American money laundering operations, are no doubt in the queue for peerages and MBEs.
  18. stdP

    stdP I never learn.

    I did indeed, and very happy with the answer - cheers for what sounds like a description worthy of a particularly vivid eastenders storyline :D Love the avatar by the way, "questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself" :)

    Scouring the boards also revealed these posts from Rushy and Ms Ordinary also talking about Speedy Noodle/Kings Rice'n'Spice; it sounds like I was either, uh, more chemically imbalanced than I thought when I went there, or I never actually went there at all...

    Incidentally in looking for pics I found this treasure trove of shop fronts... none of the main drag but interesting nontheless:
    SW2 | Shopfront Elegy
    SW9 | Shopfront Elegy
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  19. editor

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    Great site that.
  20. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Shame abourt the Old Calcutta. I thought the original decor was much better than the present makeover.
    I am not sure that it changed hands either - could have been just a refit.

    The staff in the Old Calcutta definitely had no connection with Calcutta by the way. Kashmir more like.
  21. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills I demand tea - NOW!

    HONKNG CH1 over here. DELICIOUS.

    Expecting similar scenes at Full Council next week, Comrades.
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  22. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    This is a valuable record of the time - was it stored in an attic somewhere? Thanks for posting - your efforts are "indefatigable"

    I can't see that there would be similar scenes today at all - Labour/trade union solidarity has been neutralised.

    There were several speakers on that film who were true believers (ordinary people not Ted Knight). Trained in the rhetoric in the same way as an evangelical might be trained to quote phrases from the bible.

    I just don't see that nowadays at all. People now are more out to look after their own particular issues. Solidarity about "council services" as a whole went out in 1990.

    Since the demise of Ted Knight I can't think of a campaign against cuts led by Lambeth Council, can you?
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  23. Tricky Skills

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    The only 'campaign' that I can think of is the PR campaign.

    Words, not actions.
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    Seems more like the battle of the media consultants there.

    As my antiquity advances I yearn for reality politics - and religion.
    We used to have a fabulous hell-fire preaching vicar - Rev Dennis Petersen at St Judes in Dulwich Road.

    The diocese got cheesed off with his maverick sermonising ("The devil is stalking the streets of Brixton!" etc) and they closed the church and sold it off to Budget Furniture.
    Meanwhile the case of Steve Reed - the media savvy council leader made enough impression to get a safe parliamentary seat.
    These days making a fuss in public gets you on in politics, whereas in the Church of England it gets you pensioned off.
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    That Lambeth PR campaign was just that. Fur coat, no knickers. Oh woe is us. Those nasty Coalition partners. Let's put up some posters to let residents know that we are hurting, but not fighting.

    Meanwhile the Progress MP for Croydon North / Lambeth South is sitting in the political long grass, playing along with that nice Mr Corbyn and waiting for his moment.

    Which may never come now.

    Give me the Devil over Budget Furniture any day.
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    Looking in Brixton 1881 census, there were 6 gypsy caravans on Ridgway Road - all listed as licenced hawkers. Seem to be mainly from one family (Collins)
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  28. peterkro

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    ^^ That piece of Bobby Sands graffiti lasted well,most of it unreadable in 2006 but it had been there 25 years by then,thumbs up to Leyland masonry paint.
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    Ooooh- where is/was the Bobby Sands graffiti?
  30. peterkro

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    On the outside of the stair wells on the carpark,it was Bobby Sands in large letters IRA and INLA in smaller.

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