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Discussion in 'football' started by Sadken, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    I think the reason my personal love affair with football has lasted so long has a lot to do with its innate weirdness. There are so many strange little wtf aspects to the modern game that it's hard to know where to start, so I suggest we try and compile a list type thing of some of the best. And we can talk about them too: the sort of things that can bond two football loving strangers in a pub, bus or submarine but would draw quizzical looks from a non-football liking partner of several decades.

    Steve Bruce has published several murder mystery novels

    Marco Boogers going crazy and running off to live in a caravan

    Ray Parlour sitting down in Eileen Drewey's chair, leaning back, looking up at her and saying "Short back and sides please, love" and being immediately dispatched into international wilderness forever as a result.

    Dr Jo Venglos

    The Do I Not Like That documentary and all the quotes from it "Will you tell your mate he's just lost me my job?"
  2. 5t3IIa

    5t3IIa Registered User

    Pity post :(
  3. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    This one is going to catch fire, I can feel it. I see classic potential.
  4. ChrisFilter

    ChrisFilter Like a boss.

    Did not know about Brucey! He looks more like a dinner lady than dinner ladies do.

    Ian Dowie has a masters in civil engineering or something.
  5. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    He's literally a rocket scientist, isn't he? Eat that, 5t3lla. 5t33333333333333333333333333333llllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just been wanting to say that for a while now).
  6. bluestreak

    bluestreak HomosexualityIsStalin’sAtomBombtoDestroyAmerica

    Iain Dowie, scored one goal in a season for West Ham, or something like that. A fucking forward, scoring one goal. And it wasn;t a spectacularly bad season for us, just run of the mill. He can send a fucking lump of metal into outer orbit, but he can't kick a fucking pig's bladder into a big net in the close vicinity.

    It's things like that that (and indeed Marco Boogers) that make me love football, and love West Ham. I could never imagine supporting anyone else. We're just ridiculous, our players, our history, our managers.

    I mean, really!
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  7. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Yeah, as much as I dislike them, WHU have provided comedy gold down the years. Was it Paolo Futre who cried off sick from a game to go shopping?
  8. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    & ian dowie made up the word bouncebackability that has now made it into the websters dictionary!

    Have that don king with your shit donnie goodman style hair.

  9. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

  10. 5t3IIa

    5t3IIa Registered User

    Nice. I've never heard it before :cool:
  11. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Really? Anyway, how do you like your Words and Humble Pie surprise?
  12. 5t3IIa

    5t3IIa Registered User

    No, not really. What pie? I see no pie. I had already moved on to bigger and better threads until I saw you bumping this one again. Just popped in to sneer a bit :)
  13. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    This thread is a sleeper hit. It's this year's Full Monty.
  14. 5t3IIa

    5t3IIa Registered User

    Lol you'll never top Danielle Lloyd FC. Nevr!
  15. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    One to give you hope, no matter how bad things look:

    In 1957 with only 30 minutes remaining, Charlton Athletic game back from a 5-1 deficit to defeat Huddersfield Town 7-6.
  16. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    steve coppell obtained a degree in economic history while playing for tranmere.

    I read/heard somewhere that zidane has an iq of 160 but i cant find anything other then people on forums saying that so its probabley bollocks. Apparently it wen down considerably after the matterazzi incident!

  17. tommers

    tommers Your disco needs you

    that was radacouiou (god knows how you spell that.)

    Futre was just knackered (altho he had one game where he showed what might have been..)
  18. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    I found a little goldmine of them actually. Some highlights:

    In 1996 George Weah paid for his teammates uniforms and expenses so that Liberia could enter the African Nations Cup.

    In 1998 English referee Martin Sylvester sent himself off after punching a player during a game in the Andover and District Sunday League.

    In 1999 Leganes coach Enrique Martin received a ten game ban for running down an opposition player who was clean through on goal.

    In the 1938 World Cup semifinal, Guiseppe Meazza of Italy's shorts fell down as he was taking a penalty shot. He held his shorts up and calmly scored past Brazil's Valter.

    Jean Langenus of Belgium wore a suit jacket, golfing plus fours and a red striped tie when he refereed the 1930 World Cup final.

    Luigi Riva once broke the arm of a spectator with one of his powerful shots.

    Sir Alex Ferguson was fired by St. Mirren in 1978 for swearing at a lady.

    The first televised game was an Arsenal practice match at the Highbury ground in 1937.
  19. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Steve Morrow falling off of Tony Adams and breaking his shoulder having just won the FAC (was it?)
  20. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Heady times indeed, they were. You know, if this place were just a leeetle bit more misogynistic, that thread would've captured the public's imagination like Lord of the Rings having sex with Star Wars.
  21. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    Theres have been 7 number one football songs in the charts.

  22. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Peter Beardsley on the Anfield Rap. The Anfield Rap in general, in fact.
  23. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    nah it was better then that! Steve morrow scored in the last couple of minutes to force a reply during the celebratioons he got injured and couldnt play in the fa cup final part2.

  24. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    That could only have happened to Tony Adams at that time, I reckon. It sums up a period in his life quite neatly.

    Stuart Pearce getting nutted by Basil Boli and jumping straight up, blood trickling down his face, stares Boli out and Boli promptly shits it and runs off somewhere. Not sure if that was funny or a matter of great national pride.
  25. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    Pearce insisting to our physio that he could run off a suspected broken leg was aces from him as well.

    Stuart perace is my favorite player ever.

  26. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Yeah, I know what you mean. When he started at Forest he used to advertise his services as a sparky (was it?) in the programme for a few seasons. Sheer class and we will not see his like again.
  27. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    ahhh had forgotten about that what a g!

  28. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    Ken, how come you have a start date of Jan 2006? I distinctly remember you joining and it definitely wasn't a year before I did.
  29. Skimix

    Skimix Well-Known Member

    I seem to remember that was around the time when Harry said "I don't know whether to play him or fuck him" about Dani. Wonder what happened to him?
  30. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    My mate posts under here as Pugwall7 very very occasionally and introduced me to urban a few years back when I became highly disillusioned recycling arguments about immigration etc. with peeps on a local forum I'd been on for years. Finally lost my rag with that one once and for all and moved on a Bosman to urban last April or so, I think.

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