Fuji XT-3 released this month

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by chriswill, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. chriswill

    chriswill Misbehaving!

    I'd been looking to pick up an XT-2 when I discovered the 3rd generation is out on the 20th of this month

    Has anyone any experience of this line that can share there thoughts?

    I'll be moving over from the Sony A6300 because the range of fuji glass looks so much more appealing
  2. gawkrodger

    gawkrodger Well-Known Member

    This will probably be my next camera.

    Initial reviews have been very, very good
  3. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    Seems a lot of money for only an APS-C sensor though....
  4. chriswill

    chriswill Misbehaving!

    I've plumped for the XT2

    I found a local one on ebay with the 18-55 at a decent price so as per usual I've taken the snap decision and picked it up.

    Test shots to follow lol
  5. chriswill

    chriswill Misbehaving!

    Not as much as my D500!
  6. chriswill

    chriswill Misbehaving!


    Off camera jpeg
    ISO 12800

    Looks pleasing enough, I've got to learn a whole new ecosystem now
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  7. chriswill

    chriswill Misbehaving!


    The Jpeg processing in camera is actually really nice.
  8. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    Fuji have always had some of the best JPEG engines, even on old compacts. That’s actually a major reason that I would buy Fuji if I didn’t already have loads of m43 kit because fuck shooting raw.
  9. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    The jpegs out of my Fuji Finepix S2 were great also.
    I think Fuji knows how to do that.

    Actually that said, my D800 jpegs are really nice also, the settings I started with are that jpeg and raw NEFs look very similar.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018

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