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Friday Frocks

Discussion in 'threads and dreads' started by spanglechick, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    Not everyone reads my blog... or the thread about my blog - weirdos - but some who don't might be intersted in the whole friday frocks thing. Basdically, about a month and a half ago I launched an idea I had on the blog (not by any means a revolutionary idea, subsequent research tells me others have/are doing similar things) but a good idea.

    Forgive me if I quote now from that blog post:

    So - yeah... that's how it started. And since then, thanks to facebook and twitter (and a certain Phill Jupitus on twitter who keeps plugging the blog), it's developing a life of its own. Now some of you, I'm sure, will think it's all a load of bollocks. But then perhaps you'd be happier somewhere other than threads and dreads, no? Lots of people really love it though. So - yeah... I'm giving it its own urban voice...

    Oh, and these are the weekly galleries - if you do join in, send me pics via here or the blog and i'll say nice things about your outfit:

    Week One
    Weeks Two and Three
    Week Four
    Week Five
  2. AnnO'Neemus

    AnnO'Neemus Is so vanilla

    Ooh, great idea!

    Where I was temping recently I passed three women in a corridor and I overhead one dressed in regular work civvies ask why the other two were all glammed up (they were proper frocked up) and they said it was because they were going to an awards ceremony. They looked lovely. :)

    It struck me then that dress down Fridays are a bit bah humbug and that it would be much, much better if Fridays were dress up Fridays instead.

    I heartily approve! :cool:
  3. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees

    i really really want that yellow spotty dress from week one.
  4. mentalchik

    mentalchik "Time doth flit, oh shit"

    Have to wear a uniform every day at work so no friday frocks for me..............
  5. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    Could you not wear a lovely hairclip? Or fab makeup?
  6. treefrog

    treefrog Hapu

    I *heart* Friday Frocks :cool: It's given me cause to think heaps about what I wear, how to dress up what I've got and buy stuff that suits me for work. It's infectious as well, there's now about four of us who frock up for Fridays and the number is growing! :)
  7. trashpony

    trashpony Never knowingly underawed

    That's ace :D

    Where's week six? I made an effort goddamit :mad: :D
  8. treefrog

    treefrog Hapu

    I need to get a nice frocky thing for Friday. It's Friday AND the last day of term. The interweb expects! :oops:
  9. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    you know I haven't been doing this cos I don't have anything that fab, then I realised this sits in the back of my mind and I seem to try without meaning to :D

    I don't really do fab or dresses but I shall endeavour to take a photo this week - I'm blaming Friday frocks for the recent slurge on jewellery :oops:
  10. Me76

    Me76 Not very good lurker

    I have been doing this although haven't sent a pic every week. I will dramatically fail this week as got accidentally ridiculously sunburnt at the week end and so am having to wear boring long sleeves and trousers to cover the ugliness.

    I am trying to save my newest (and therefore nicest) pair of trousers for Friday though, am still trying to decide what to wear on top.
  11. Clair De Lune

    Clair De Lune Well-Known Member

    I love Friday frocks :cool:
    I gotta do some washing so I have more than one dress to choose from this week though :oops:
  12. idioteque

    idioteque mustard tiger

    I love Friday Frocks! I feel very privileged to have the honour of being the first picture for week 1! :D
  13. pigtails

    pigtails putting the tit in titilate

    Its fab!!
    Last thursday night I spent ages trying to work out what I was gonna wear, usually I just get up in the morning and grab jeans and a top!

  14. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    Trashy. I'll write it up tomorrow or Thursday. That way it's a reminder for the next week.
  15. pigtails

    pigtails putting the tit in titilate

    I'm probably not gonna be doing it this week as working nights - but we'll see, maybe I should go really OTT!!
  16. Ms T

    Ms T Honey-coloured ramparts

    I'll try to get hendo to post a photo this Friday. As I wear a frock most days, I will have to make sure it's an extra-special one. :cool:
  17. mentalchik

    mentalchik "Time doth flit, oh shit"

    I do that most days................*tries to look conceited*


    mind you if i'm not in work clothes or jamas i wear dresses most of the time anyhoo......i looooove dresses!
  18. janeb

    janeb WW Tyrion do?

    Don't have any frocks as, frankly, too fat! But will have a good go re upping fabulous levels for next Friday and post something up

    (spangles, was my red sandals on Twitter)
  19. moomoo

    moomoo Not so yummy mummy

    I got a new frock from the charity shop for this week! :D

    I'm loving it Spangles! Thank you so much for the suggestion! To have one day a week where you make an effort for no reason whatsoever is wonderful! :cool:
  20. trashpony

    trashpony Never knowingly underawed

    I keep looking at other women wearing dresses now thinking - could I wear that to work? Would I wear it outside work? I'm on the hunt and I'm not supposed to be buying any more clothes :mad: :D
  21. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    are you trying to kill casual friday?

    or perhaps get it moved... you could have casual mondays , casual smart tuesdays, business casual wednesdays, smart professional thursdays and black tie fridays

    and too cheer up those poor souls who works 6 days a week Liberace satudays
  22. idioteque

    idioteque mustard tiger

    I'm already planning my outfit for this Friday :cool: I might even risk wearing heels for a whole day! :D
  23. beeboo

    beeboo geek chic

    I wear frocks most days too and Friday is the one day of the week I dress down :facepalm: Can I do Thursday frocks instead? :hmm:
  24. trashpony

    trashpony Never knowingly underawed

    Me too generally :D

    I have considered taking a pic of my Thursday frock and pretending it's a Friday :oops:
  25. LilMissHissyFit

    LilMissHissyFit Disturbed in a pink bra

    This thread has made me get a choice of dresses..... I have several to choose from and never ever used to wear dresses

    Shall take a piccie friday for you
  26. beeboo

    beeboo geek chic

    The thought had crossed my mind... :D
  27. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    hurrah all round.

    you can dress down and still friday frock, i think. wearing something too frivolous to be weekday-smart?
  28. stuff_it

    stuff_it stirred the primordial soup

    I can't afford the frock I wan't for at least a month :mad:
  29. pigtails

    pigtails putting the tit in titilate

    ooooh jamas! I could do jamas with an up-do or something on Friday seeing as I'm gonna be sleeping most of the day!
  30. pigtails

    pigtails putting the tit in titilate

    me too!
    I've not been known as a dress wearer and now I'm constantly looking! spangles might be getting my credit card bill as the instigator of my new addiction! :D

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