Frank Zappa - is he good or not?

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    And the early albums are often taking the piss out of the psychedelic scene and related phenomenon. At least in public interviews he was very scathing about people on drugs, mostly dismissing it as people 'twirling and puking' and being a waste. I bet he would be particularly scathing of the idea that 'weird' musical stuff must be something to do with drugs, especially given that much of his 'weird music' was actually down to how heavily influenced he was by modern classical music of the avant-garde variety.
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    Yep. I'm currently reading his autobiography, and he says his main influence was a composer called Edgard Varèse, a modern composer who made a lot of weird, percussive sounds. Frank particularly loved the composition, Ionisation, and at the age of 16 his Mam let him call Varese on the phone and have a chat with him.

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    He was out the box. When u do this people often get confused to whether its good or not.
  5. Cheesypoof

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    can never get tired of his cop on and wisdom. Badly needed today.

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    listen to "zoot allures" album.. great guitar work on a couple of stand out tracks .. and "the torture never stops" is a work of outstanding genius - turning the female voice into a wonderful musical instrument juxtaposed with guitar and beautifully ambiguous as to whether it is an expression of anguish or extreme ecstasy...
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    Tom Waits occasionaly opened for Zappa back in the day. He didn't like it...

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