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France or Croatia?

Who do you want to win?

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krtek a houby

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Hard one, as I love both countries in terms of vibe/food/culture/scenery etc. But Croatia, as I said on the other thread. If they're good enough to beat England then they deserve the final. IMHO, natch.


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No idea. I'd like both to win but that won't happen...obvs.
I just hope it's a fair game.


Who do you want to win the WC?


Kylian Mbappé
Clémence Poésy

Croatia struggle a bit on the famous people front. Luca Modric I suppose, but other than that ... Even Nikola Tesla is claimed by Serbia but they do have Dubrovnik and an awesome Adriatic coastline. I also have a tenner on Croatia to win the tournament from ages ago at 17/1 so that nails it for me.
I have to support France because of 1798. And don't Croatia have an actual Nazi on the team?


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France - I am totally on board with 'cheese eating surrender monkeys'

and french workers know how to protest

Finally, I have hitched all round Europe and the med, and many parts of Africa, frequently with my small son...but a 3 day tortuous slog down the coast, from Umag to Dubrovnik (where I finally got a bus to Pec)...was demarcated by an endless series of lifts - where every male driver uttered the words 'ficky-ficky (with hand signals in case something was lost in translation) before going more than 3 km - kinda put me off.
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I think I'll get behind the Croatians. (Ooh err)

Every time I've been to France I've come back feeling a bit meh! every time I've been to Croatia I've come back tanned and refreshed.


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Want to win - France

Will win - France

Mbappe to embarrass the slow defenders of Croatia. That left back is really rubbish. Plus they have at least one Nazi. Nice coastline though.


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I have France in the sweepstake. There's bugger all else to choose between them, so that will do for a reason, I guess.


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Croatia because it's always better to be beaten by the team that ends up being good enough to win the whole thing.


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I've tipped France from before the WC started. I love watching how clever Griezmann is and really liked how he didn't celebrate against Uruguay because good mates were on the other team. Mbappe is an extraordinary talent, and a player as good as Kante deserves to win it.

Croatia - I just can't take to them. Modric strikes me as an unlovely individual no matter how good he is at shifting the ball from A to B.


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Plus Davor Suker is President of the Croatian Football Federation. Loved him as a player. Not so keen on him as a person. Well-dodgy worldview.


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Plus Davor Suker is President of the Croatian Football Federation. Loved him as a player. Not so keen on him as a person. Well-dodgy worldview.
As I mentioned here before, as much as I want to, I just can't bring myself to like Croatia.
I always wanted to believe that the issues they had with their fans were isolated but when you have half the team mixed up in this shit as well, it really is fucked up.
The video in the dressing room after their Argentina game, showing Lovren singing along to a Fascist song was dressed up like it was just down to Lovren, nobody seems to pick up on the fact that the whole team are there and the song is belting out as loud as fuck, with other players grinning in the background.

I was invited to Croatia for holiday in 2015, the same year they infamously had to play behind closed doors against Italy in the Euro 2016 qualifiers for racism, where some local thought it'd be hilarious to mark a swastika on the pitch.
In our first half hour in the country leaving Split airport heading west-wards on the main road out of town there was this graffiti:

10 days later we drove back past it and it was still there, not touched.
I lost count how many times I saw white power graffiti over the 10 days. It was everywhere. I'm not sure if it's a local issue isolated around the Split area but I was really shocked at its prevalence and how little had been done to try to cover any of it up.



So for me it's Allez les Bleus!


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I've tipped France from the very start and think they'll deservingly win it. May the best team win n all that. Well I think they've definitely been the best team consistently throughout.

I like Croatia as a country and it would be an amazing fairytale win for the tournament (think Leicester winning the prem).

But in all honesty I don't care either way. Both results are good for football for different reasons. Just so long as no one is hurt I'll be happy.


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France for me simply because Kante , who has had an excellent World Cup , and Giroud are playing.Couldn't give a toss about the politics of either country tbh for 90 minutes.


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It's not the politics of the country or their fans anymore. When it's the actual players glorifying fascism, it's hard to ignore imo
When DiCannio played for Celtic and West Ham I could watch him all day and praise his performances but still call his politics a disgrace and deplorable


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Croatia. For the sole reason that ms starfish has them in her works sweepstake & we'll go for a cheeky meal if they win.