Forthcoming London ACG Public Meetings at Anarchist Festival, Anti-University, etc

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    Forthcoming London ACG Meetings

    Saturday 1st June 1-3pm : London ACG Meeting

    At May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4

    Myth of Community: The Challenges of Organising Locally

    ‘Save the community’, ‘Support from the community’, ‘The community thinks’, ‘Community Land Trust’ are just a few of the references to ‘community’ that we us when are involved in a range of struggles such as housing, saving a library or getting access to land. However, to what extent does this ‘community’ exist? In this meeting, drawing on many practical examples of organising, we will discuss problems such as the impact of capitalism and divisions within localities. We will then hope to discuss how we can create genuine community based on working class struggles. An Anarchist Festival event: eventbright link

    Saturday 15th June 1-3pm : London ACG Meeting

    At May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4

    Vision of a society without government

    Is organised human life possible without a state? How would it be better than the situation we have now? Why have so many people and movements fought for a world without government? This session will explore the history of radical anti-statist movements and look at the potential these movements and ideas have in our society today. An Antiuniversity event: eventbright link

    Tuesday 2nd July 7pm : London ACG – Film/Meeting

    At May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4

    Rebellion in Patagonia- Film show followed by discussion

    Workers in Patagonia, influenced by anarchist ideas, demand improvements in pay and conditions. After employers at first agree to workers’ demands, which are supported by workers in other sectors and areas, the regional governor, under pressure from local employers, orders the paramilitary police to intervene to crush the movement. In response a general strike is declared, paralyzing the ports and wool production for export. The government backs the landowners, and soldiers are brought in to crush the strike.This dramatised account of the events directed in 1974 by Hector Olivera was banned by the Videla dictatorship in Argentina. Meeting convened by London Anarchist Communist group. Free.
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