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Dulwich Mishi

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Sean Mccoulsky has joined Bromley on loan from Forest Green, scored the winner on his debut on Saturday to put them top of the national league.

Highest league position in Bromleys history apparently.
No apparently about it. This is the first time they've been top of the National League National. They have a tough big game on Tuesday night against Woking at home.


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Nathan Ferguson has got himself a goal against Stoke in the League Cup. Panuche Camara also started the game.


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Dean McDonald scored two in the first two minutes for England against Uruguay in the Socca World Cup this morning. England through to the quarters.

Kershaney Samuels also played, with Kevin James on the coaching staff. To nobody's surprise, Uruguay went full shithouse and Deano took a huge WWF-style smash to the face towards the end.

Bugpowder Dust

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Former fan favourite Billy Crook is back at Dartford after spending time on loan at East Thurrock. Means we should see him back at Champion Hill in December.