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Former Billericay owner Glenn Tamplin takes over Romford FC


Interesting club history at Romford. Love Romford Town Thursday!

The original Romford was established in 1876. They reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup in 1880–81, but lost 15–0 at Darwen. There was no league football for them to play until they joined the South Essex League in 1896. An internal dispute saw several committee and players leave to form a new club in 1909, called Romford United and competing directly against Romford in the South Essex League at a ground literally across the road. The original club continued under new management and joined the Southern League while still playing in the South Essex League, but played only a single season before leaving.

The new regime at the original club proved disastrous, being expelled from the South Essex League during the 1910–11 season and subsequently folding, leaving Romford United as the only club with the town's name. They changed to Romford Town and joined the Athenian League, but finished bottom in their first season and left at the end of their second, before closing down during World War I. Romford Town had remained members of the South Essex League and returned to action after the war, but lack of support saw them withdraw in December 1920 and fold. For the rest of the 1920s the only club under the Romford name was Romford Town Thursday, playing on Thursday afternoons at Brooklands, a ground previously used by Romford's reserve team.

Romford F.C. - Wikipedia.

Son of Roy

@glenntampling "Was very unlucky , I’m lucky".

Does anyone else find his contradicting himself in the space of 4 words very confusing? How did such a twit make so much money? It's rhetorical please don't reply.
It's a real slap in the face for hardworking people, educated people, educated hardworking people and honest people!

"As losing is hard to accept for me I Learnt a lot yesterday".

What? That you can win the lower leagues by wasting obscene amounts of money. But you can't get into football league. Not sure you did learn that lesson at #rickerty.
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Selfless, humble and as publicity-shy as ever.

And who can't have their heartstrings plucked by the sight of a multi-millionaire posing for pictures while giving away a few cast offs?
Surely you aren’t suggesting a tax on illegally gained income???


Lazy Llama

Suburban robots that monitor reality
He actually thinks that he's on a divine mission and that God has asked him personally. What a fucking ego.
If only the Lord had been a bit clearer about which team. Billericay, Romford... or maybe he meant "Clacton Girls Under-12 Reserves"

Moroccan Sunset

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He actually thinks that he's on a divine mission and that God has asked him personally. What a fucking ego.
He thinks no such thing. No born again Christian makes money via the means that he does. It's complete bullshit - probably a smokescreen so that if the PoPo come knocking he/his lawyers can hold his hands up and say 'Me? The devout follower of God, here on a divine mission for the Almighty himself? Of course I don't do any such thing, Officer.'


Romford owner Tamplin: I died for two minutes and encountered God

Players at Romford FC are warned there will be a fine for anyone who calls him ‘gaffer’. His nickname — “because I’m a bit f***** in the head,” he says — is Daddy Pig.
ITV cameras will follow Tamplin over two years for a documentary as he looks to show the real version of himself, not the man who gained the flash tag during his former footballing venture.
Car crash TV. I hope he survives.