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Former Billericay owner Glenn Tamplin takes over Romford FC


Hey, YTC - I promised you a fortnight ago, or so, that Post #2000 would be special, did I not...?

Thanks for playing Glenn.
Don't forget to pay off Coutts on the way out, now - will you?

Glenn thinks that having the Queen's Lawyers will get him out of trouble.
Swiss thinks that Coutts aren't as good as they are expensive.

Always think Swiss.
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I thought he'd last a bit longer. Maybe it's a trait of Manticores to publicly lose the plot?
Glenn, having apparently only learnt of the Mardykhora off of Wikipedia, probably doesn't realise that Dante Aligheri used it to symbolise Fraud, by the name of Geryon, forced to fly for all eternity, around the Circle of Fraud*.

Inferno, Canto XVI-XVII

* Strictly speaking, between the Circle of Violence and the Circle of Fraud, but still wonderfully allegorical and appropriate...cheers Dante!
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This was posted by a Hamlet fan on FB (I'm not sure if R posts here) and it's spot on:

He's brought all the stress and adverse publicity upon himself with his shameless attention seeking and self-publicity. That club has been all about him since the moment he took over. He's wound up several companies leaving unpaid creditors owed millions while continuing to live a life of material luxury. He's a menace to society who leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. He showed up more or less at random at Billericay with no previous history of being associated with the club and in the space of 18 months robbed me of my dream of 40 years - to see the Hamlet win the Isthmian Championship - and now he's had enough.


You can get past the paywall here Glenn Tamplin's Billericay Town rollercoaster is an all too familiar tale for non-league clubs

Damning stuff too:
After a career forged on liquidating and bankrupting a series of companies, leaving behind a trail of furious creditors (not least the Inland Revenue), the Essex Donald Trump promised to elevate the modest outfit to the Football League within five years.
Noisily insisting through his unrestrained social media interventions that it “is not about me”, Tamplin then proceeded, despite having zero coaching qualifications and no history as a player, to appoint himself team manager. He then demoted himself to assistant, before sacking his replacement and reinstating himself. Yet somehow, perhaps because of a wage bill ten times higher than anyone else in the division, under his busy leadership Billericay were promoted to the National League South, where they currently sit in second place.


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"Owner Glenn Tamplin has stated he is meeting several candidates over the next few days and can ensure fans that he will find suitable replacements for the vacant roles."

so that tells me they resigned and told Tamplin in no uncertain terms why


Did I not read somewhere that Harry Wheeler felt he was being undermined from within.

Maybe he is to make a return.

It really would be a shame if Glenda did sell up.