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FOR SALE bargain house in Poets' Corner


one of Maxwell's demons
Look at the figures if you don't believe me. I'm not arguing for the sake of it, you know, but you do keep saying things that aren't true.


Free the rhubarb crumble!
And why do you think house prices in London are so expensive? Because demand far outstrips supply.
This really isn't true - the supply/demand issue with house prices is not the houses, but the availability of cheap credit to buy them with. Otherwise there would be no way that house prices in London could end up being 12 times the average wage in London. Actually they would be literally unaffordable if it wasn't for the bubble-economics ponzi scheme of ever-increasing prices funded on a sea of cheap credit.

It's come to an end now and prices will crash accordingly, personally I can't wait.

Long live the recession!

Anyway, £380,00 for a 2 bed flat in Brixton?? F***ing ridiculous. Buy now and lose a fortune!