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Flying into Dubrovnik and need to get transport to Mostar, other Bosnia bits and into Montenegro...


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Anyone familiar with the area? I have looked on getbybus and can see that there is a reasonable bus network.... But available tickets are scarce at the times we need. Anyone know about long distance taxis? Internet searches seem to funnel towards a cartel of high priced airport taxi services. There are 5 of us, which always makes casual taxi use awkward.


They are ringing the bells now but soon...
doesnt the sarajevo train go via mostar ? cannot remember i this is running again. if not, then get up to ploce and get the sarajevo train there I suppose

eta, scrub that, my smart arse 17 year old has just informed me that Bosnia no longer has an international train link. how the fuck he knows this is beyond me
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They are ringing the bells now but soon...
what route you doing ? you can go north to the bosnian border by bus at ploce and train it or south towards montenegro by bus and access bosnia by the southern border. an hour or two in a cab to ploce shouldnt be massively expensive