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I've been gentrified. - :(
Not exactly a flatshare but...

I'm moving out of my flat in Crystal Palace in the beginning of April. It's a one bedroom flat in a small block on the top of Beulah Hill. It's been a pretty good flat but not big enough for my needs now, and my landlady has been pretty easy going.

If anyone is interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with her.

Biscuit Tin

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onemonkey said:
looks like i've finally found someone to take my flat so now i need a home.. looking for something from start of may..space for a large bed and a tonne of books.

and i think it's time to venture into south london. :eek: ;)
If you come to Hackney as Liberty suggests you'll be near all of us lot, or does that put you off!
Just a thought like ;)


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Biscuit Tin said:
If you come to Hackney as Liberty suggests you'll be near all of us lot, or does that put you off!
Just a thought like ;)
I'm sure Onemonkeys alrady packing his Hackney bags


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House-share in Homerton

Medium-sized bedroom in house with 3 early-20s blokes. Queen-sized or double bed (not 100% sure what the proper size is!). Big house, 4 bedrooms, living room, garden, big kitchen, 3 bathrooms, communal PC with broadband. 5 mins walk from Homerton station.

£325/month (not inc. bills)

Please PM for more info :)


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Flat to rent in Hither Green SE13

A friend is renting a 2 bedroomed flat in Hither Green, SE13 close to three fairly large stations,15 mins London Bridge and five mins from shopping centre.

Charging £800 pcm for a two bed flat with a nice garden, beds and bedding, double glazing, gas central heating and a pub next door.
The bills are quite low, bc its fairly well insulated and once you heat it up it tends to stay warm.

Pls call
At work (11pm to 5pm only please) 020 7542 9361
At home (7pm to 11pm and weekends) 020 8463 0972
mobile (11am to 11pm every day) 0777 181 4724


my flatmate is moving out May 1st so there is an going to be an empty room in a lovely flat off Brixton Hill, SW2.
It's a first floor flat with three bedrooms, a nice lounge with windows facing West and a lovely green space in front of it (it's a well kept garden that runs paralel to Brixton Hill and keept the fumes and noise at bay).
The flat has central heating, wooden floors, all mod cons in the kitchen n a nice bathroom. and free broadband!

It's a double room with a desk, closet, and a chest of drawers and a shelf. well lit, wit two big windows facing a quiet street. Rent is 440 pcm excl.

Im easy going, messy on the edges n in the flat quite a lot as i am studying. the other flatmate keeps to her room. we're both nice lovely girls!
If you fancy coming for a visit please call on 07947355371.

Brixton Hatter

Home is south London mate
Room To Rent In Sw2

My mate has a house on Athlone Road SW2 (between Brixton Hill and Tulse Hill) and the departure of his previous flatmate has left a room empty. It's a 3 bed house close to shops, Brixton Hill etc, a few mins on the bus to central Brixton. House is huge as, despite there being 3 bedrooms, it would only be shared with my mate (ie 2 people only in house). There's also a garden, small conservatory, on-road parking outside etc.

Rent is £455 pcm excl.

PM if you're interested. Cheers.


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looking for place in zone 1

I'm an female American grad. student looking for a furninshed bedroom in the camdentown/regents park are; zone 1. I am visitng London as part of the BUNAC program, looking to check out the "electronic music" scene....

I will be arriving on May 31, 2004 and am looking for a professional place till the end of September. I can be out by mid Sept. for I'm prob. going to be traveling through Germany my last month in europe; leave date is flexable!

Concact me through my e-mail: js_mana_ku@yahoo.com
or post here w/ more info.

I'm friendly,social and house broken- oops, I mean tidy.... ;P



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A friend of mine is looking for a new place - here's what she says:
i am looking for a decent sized room in a friendly but
peaceful house from the end of May.

can pay around £300 per month (??if that's still
possible in london). hackney or stoke newington would
be great, but would be happy to try a new area...

If you know or hear of anywhere i'd be v grateful if
you can let me know

hope you're all well and enjoying the beginnings of
She's very laid back and generally lovely; I know she can't pay much but if anyone knows anything please let me know. :)

Edited cos she's not looking for a room anymore.


Walthamstow short term

Right, please see the thread in General if you need the background to this, but:

Double room in quietly situated house-share in Walthamstow. Available for 5 months. Presently occupied by 2 friendly professional males.

The house is in a tree lined avenue and has a 50ft garden, front garden, and good parking.

Access to transport facilities and/or the North Circular is superb.

Bed and furniture provided (unless you don't want them) and all other facilities in the house are shared.

The room is available at £350 exclusive of bills. Last month all bills (including council tax) came to £63 each - which includes cable tv and any landline telephone calls.

Please pm me with any questions/ for more details.

Cheers :)


flimsier said:
I believe I am the only person to move to South London and manage to get out.

And still alive too :eek:
No, Missuz Scott and I lived in South London but now East London feels like home.

Disco Squirrel

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Smallish (but not tiny) double room available to rent in this large garden flat in Streatham Hill. Ideally want a female to share with current female tenant and a very friendly cat.

It's a ground floor flat with a nice garden at the rear. The street is very quiet and safe, providing free car parking.

The room is available from the 30th of May. The rent is £350 per month plus bills. £350 security bond is also required upfront.

If you are interested call 07743 647 404


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mate of mine (a boarder, but I'm doing this for him) looking for a flatshare, tidy & housetrained 30+ bloke, norf or east London, negotiable on rent - please PM me


Any of you know me. I could do with a place to live ASAP. Im paid on the 15 or about that date so that would be my moving in time.
Im looking as cheap as possible but if pass any offers my way if the price is right I'll consider most locations.

Iain :confused: :(


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Friend of mine (not know her very well though) 37 or so year-old female looking for a flatshare in central london. Anything below 200 pounds a week will do.

Know anything, pm me, please.
thanks in advance.


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im finally finishing uni and moving back to london on July 10th ... although I can take on a tenancy from 1st July onwards.

Looking for a double room north of the river, zone two ideally.

A huge houseshare would be the sort of thing id love, laid back and friendly.

PM me if anyones got anything or you want to know more about me.


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mellowmoose said:
im finally finishing uni and moving back to london on July 10th ... although I can take on a tenancy from 1st July onwards.

Looking for a double room north of the river, zone two ideally.

A huge houseshare would be the sort of thing id love, laid back and friendly.

PM me if anyones got anything or you want to know more about me.

Binty faints!!!! You mean you are finally going to meet urbanites!!! Chat roomers!!!! Goodness me. :p I'll flat share with you then. :p


adopt a monkey...

from 31st may i'll be homeless and it's right in the middle of my exams so i can't spare the time to hunt out a home right now.. so instead i hope to throw myself on the mercy of some random nutters off the net :p

Edited cos i've been taken by some of those random nutters ;)
Thanks PM &co. :)


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Brixton room vacancy for girl

There is currently a room vacant in my house in central Brixton for a relaxed female taker. There are four other people - house a bit run down but nice place really and relatively clean/tidy (annoyingly obsessive tidy-uppers need not apply though;) ). We're a friendly bunch in general, though some of the housemates are often not in the house. Price is £80 or thereabouts I think (will confirm price to people who PM me obviously). We're asking for a girl so as to have a fairly even gender-balance in the house. The room currently has a semi-double bed (wider than single but not as wide as full double) - I think the landlord is prepared to change it if you want.

There will be a very informal interview if you are interested in the house - just a chance to meet the housemates really.

PM me if you are interested.


Like a boss.
Looking for a place in Brixton / Herne Hill pretty soon.. looking to spend hopefully not more than £80 a week, would like a double room, not too tiny, nice, chilled people.. not students though, one of the reasons for my move! no offence though :)

loads of places out there, but thought I'd post this anyway, every little helps eh.. to quote frigging tesco.


adhering to a paradigm
a friend is looking for someone to live in his spare room.

The flat is in willesden green, Zone 2, less thatn one minute from the jubilee line.

Its available from Monday 7 June, you would be sharing with just my friend (Male) would prefer NS and aged 18-30, other than that he has no requirements other than being easy going and attitude free, and are generally sociable.

The flat is WELL nice, he has only just bought it and moved in so all the furniture is brand new (i know, i helped him put it up) and the room is bright and airy.

its going for £320 pcm + bills

PM me for phone number or email address.


If anyone's looking for a room in a shared house paying somewhere in the ~£360-£460 range then drop me a PM. My Landlord has a couple of rooms going on Mayall Road. I've never seen these houses and I'm not saying my landlords like the best in the world or anything but he's OK and if your looking in that price range in Brixton you might as well give it a look.

I think that includes most bills and stuff but I'm not sure.


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Want to spend a month in Brixton??

I am away from the 29th July to the 28th of August.

And I've filled my room now :)


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Room in Stoke Newington

And very nice it is too. Available starting 12th June.

Sharing with two girls, one boy, and a cat, this victorian house is ideally situated in the quiet residential area north of Abney Park. Kitchen/Lounge are quite spacious. There is possibly a choice between a double or single room (£368-£347 a month). The single room is generally held to be nicer, overlooking Abney Park.

We have a preference for a female non-smoking vegetarian.

Ideal for vampires!