Fish going as well as Bees.

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    Moises Velasquez-Manoff, of the Christian Science Monitor, reports on one analysis estimating that every fishery in the world will be empty by the middle of this century:

    Until relatively recently, fishermen, fishery managers, and scientists alike thought the sea was so vast, so teeming with life, that human activity simply couldn't diminish it, Mr. Pauly says.

    Until the advent of modern fishing technology in the 20th century, it couldn't.

    "The sea was very large compared to the means we had to exploit it," Pauly says. But beginning with steam-powered trawlers more than 100 years ago, and ending with today's global-positioning navigational systems, technology has improved fishermen's reach and efficiency. "We essentially deployed our industrial armada against fish, and obviously we would win: It's a war against fish," says Pauly.
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  2. rich!

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    I don't think that's news.

    Scientists have been pointing out we're over-consuming fish for decades. (Cod, that staple of the UK fish shop, has been an endangered species for almost as long as I can remember).

    Fisherman and fisheries managers may have finally stopped going "laa laa I can't hear you", though, which is progress...
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    Uh-oh, humans next.
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