Feminism and a world designed for men

Discussion in 'theory, philosophy & history' started by friendofdorothy, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Probably a bit of a minor point (because not all women have babies and those that do are only pregnant for nine months-ish), but kind of relevant: we had those too, but they killed me when I was pregnant. I phoned Occupational Health and the man brought up this shitty, battered old office chair and said, we keep these for the pregnant women because those fancy chairs were not designed with them in mind.

    This is not something I've noticed, though I'm a woman so perhaps it goes over my head. But the people doing school runs at my kids' school are roughly 35:65 male to female, and no one seems to bat an eyelid. My husband does it once a week and no one talks to him at all :D Which is progress :thumbs:
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    If like to talk more about this on the other thread. But in short. I got, and get, no "wows".

    As a sahd I faced being ignored mostly but with a fair dose of suspicion and even hostility at times, and was excluded from from both Mums' things and Dads' things.

    I loved, and love, being able to spend so much more time with my daughter than many dads can, but socially it was a brutal experience.

    But this is all for the other thread.
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    not sure if this is the right place. I just googled guide to successful coparenting. It only brought up results for divorcees. So when a couple divorces men have to suddenly consider the split in childcaring responsibilities. A guide to successful coparenting might be useful before couples have kids, build up resentment then split up.
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    Yes she is going to write one and become enormously rich
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    I'm changing the battery on this and the release buttons either side are just a bit far apart for me to grip them and apply pressure easily. Lots of tools etc are designed with larger hands than mine in mind, and my hands are by no means small. They're designed for 'man-size' hands :mad:
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    The sales manager at my work bought all the workshops some new tools recently. I wrote a wishlist and got most of it, he also got us a couple of things I didn't ask for because he thought they were good including a tool which is for removing the cassette sprockets on a rear bike wheel. Usually you use a thing called a chain whip for this

    The tool he was excited about and thought we should all have is called chain whip pliers and looks like this


    He was disappointed to find it's basically useless for me as I can't hold it closed with enough force to use it successfully because it's designed for a much bigger hand span.
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    Liked for the interesting tool stuff, not the fact you can't bloody well use one! :facepalm:
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