February Photo Competition: Animals

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by girasol, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. snadge

    snadge metal alchemist

    congrats robster970, and also cybertect for giving him a good run for his money.

    great pics from all
  2. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    my life is shit.

    no i dont need brackets. i need to stop being in pain all the time.


    didnt mean to take it out on everyone else - and actually that was supposed to be lighthearted.
  3. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    and well done robster970 :D
  4. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    I'm currently thinking nightlife, but it's whatever interpretation you want to put on it, whether it be long exposure stuff like cityscapes, social, from the hip, etc. The only criteria is that the picture is taken at night. Will post up later.
  5. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    Thanks mate - I would have been pleased as a runner up to your pigeon, it's quite a picture.
  6. lighterthief

    lighterthief Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Robster970 - deserved. Thanks to Iemanja and Paul Russell for administering the competition, and everyone for taking part - this was the first time I've entered and I had a lot of fun doing so :cool:

    Can I make a suggestion?

    I for one would find it useful to know what type of camera was used to take each picture - not to influence the voting in any way, but more to see what can be achieved with different levels of technology. It doesn't need to be mandatory, but if people felt like including it in their posts I for one would find it very interesting. Or has this debate been had before...?
  7. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    The cow was taken with a Nikon F80 with a sigma 28-105mm lens with fuji reala 100 film. The neg was then scanned and the background above the horizon was selected and the levels taken down , the rest of the pic left alone (in PS).
  8. alef

    alef Needs to take more photos

    Congrats, Robster! Besides this fine winning shot, you've entered a lot of excellent photos. Clearly a win was heading your way sooner or later.

    Nightlife is a very good theme. Perhaps it favours those technically knowledgeable as it's hard to take decent night shots with auto settings, but so be it. I personally hate flashes, but then some people full off fantastic shots with them. Looking forward to some grainy 800+ ASA or strange greenish night vision pics...

    When I first entered (2 years ago) I believe there was a request to give technical details, but I think most people didn't bother and it quietly got dropped. Certainly worth asking if people are interested.

    If the theme is nightlife then it is particularly more interesting to learn the technical specs.
  9. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    I kind of considered this when I thought of it this morning and don't think it will be too exclusive. I'll put up some examples but like always I think this group will find all sorts of ways of interpreting the theme and technical ability may not be the thing that determines the best shot.

    I'll post properly later on with example links....

    Thanks for the compliment too. Without getting all 'I'd like to thank my mum...etc', I'm really pleased because previous winners have generated stuff that I think is really, really good and even my missus comments that there are people on these boards who regularly turn out stuff that is way, way better than the stuff I generate. So to have won, makes me feel quite nice really. :)
  10. cybertect

    cybertect It's grim up north (London)

    FWIW, Quench was taken with a Canon 300D digital SLR using a Canon EF 75-300 IS lens.

    Post processing of the RAW was done in Photoshop CS2 with some mild contrast and colour adjustments in Lab mode.

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