February Photo Competition: Animals

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by girasol, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    I've had a look through the winners gallery and it seems one of my favorite subjects has been overlooked, so I'm setting it as the theme for February.

    So any animal welcome! It's a simple one! :)

    some examples:



    flicker's animal clusters - for inspiration

    The rules, as usual:

    * Up to 3 pictures allowed per person.
    * Post up the link, not the picture.
    * All entries must be in by the last day of February.
    * Only use pictures you photographed yourself.
    * If you edit the picture then tell us what you did.
    * Please don’t change pictures once you have entered them.
    * Voting starts on 1st of March and ends on 3rd of March 2006. Anyone can vote, you don't have to have entered. Vote for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourites. 1st choice is worth 3 points, 2nd 2 points and 3rd 1 point -- the entry with the most points wins and chooses the next theme.
    * You can use your own web space, photo.net, photobucket.com or pbase.com to host your pictures for free - or any others you choose or see fit to use.

    happy hunting!

    thumbnails here
  2. snadge

    snadge metal alchemist

  3. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

  4. cybertect

    cybertect It's grim up north (London)

    Yikes! yes

    The one of the horse in particular is way :cool:
  5. mauvais

    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    The dog in water is my favourite. A perfect match between capturing speed and retaining clarity - superb!
  6. alef

    alef Needs to take more photos

    Took this one last year, cropped and small amount of levels tweaking:
    Hebrides sheep
  7. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Psychogeographer

    Hi there.

    Hiccup usually does and hosts the thumbnails.

    I said I'd do and host them this month as he's away for some of the month. Then at the end of the month he'll nick the code and host them on his site.

    Unless anyone can see any problems with that.
  8. kakuma

    kakuma Banned Banned

    i have a couple of cool pictures for this one as well.... :cool:
  9. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    That's great. snadge told me about Hiccup earlier this evening, as I was wondering about sorting the thumbnails out (and hosting).

    So, I guess that means I just have to wait for a url and then edit my original post?
  10. Callie

    Callie Pivoting

    Ok Ive never entered before so here is my entry (do I have to have more than one?!!)


    Hes a little spotty chap I found in my parents garden...I heard him chomping leaves - he was that noisy! I believe he is a poplar hawk moth caterpillar :)


    heres a shield bug I found dead in my bedroom once, he was pretty cool. I stuck him on a piece of lined paper and took a photo of him.


    and you can have my monkey too, cos thats all Ive got left!

    I havent tinkered with any of my photos - other than pressing all the buttons on my camera to see what they do!
  11. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Psychogeographer

    OK, I'll put up a page on Sunday -- the whole voting/adding up/new topic thing seems to have happened quite quickly this time.
  12. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    ok, first entry. it's had some ps trickery done above the horizon because it was so bright. basically the levels were taken right down so it's got the strange, spooky effect.

    apart from that, that's exactly how it was.

    mudchute city farm
  13. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    This is a very old photo, taken in 1990, at the London Zoo, I scanned it a couple of months ago, cropped it a bit and clarified using Paint Shop Pro X:

    Let me out!!!
  14. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    :) Well, today was pretty much the only day I would have had time to pick a subject and I just went for the first thing that came into my head...
  15. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

    Ist entry, one I already had

    Mr P

    I'll take some more...............
  16. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

  17. pengaleng

    pengaleng Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh Banned

    I take it insects are allowed? :confused:

    cheeky sheepy

    the sheepy has a little grin :)
  18. kakuma

    kakuma Banned Banned

  19. kakuma

    kakuma Banned Banned

  20. alef

    alef Needs to take more photos

    I like it. Cows are particularly photogenic as they're large, don't move much, fairly expressive and pretty easy to find!

    Here's my second entry:
    The cow that fell to Earth

    (Levels tweaked and lots of scratches removed from the scan)
  21. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    Yep, don't see why not. :)
  22. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    that's really funny. it's like somebody has just dropped the cows from a great height
  23. Robster970

    Robster970 Pay homage to Global Bob

    ok, number 2. taken this morning. levels tweeked in channel mixer.

    free billy
  24. pengaleng

    pengaleng Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh Banned

  25. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    Great topic, I'll have a look and enter over the next few weeks... some stunning photos already :)
  26. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Psychogeographer

  27. Callie

    Callie Pivoting

    Its only a very small zoo, so they only have a few animals. Its been a while since I was there last but from what I can remember they have peacocks, goaty things, a few monkeys, a horse or two, cranes.

    Battersea park is really nice. Last time I was there there were loads and loads of herons nesting, which seemed really odd because they come across as such timid birds!

    The childrens zoo was threatened by closure by the council about a year ago but there was a lot of resistance from those that use the zoo and local schools and the likes. They won in the end and the zoo is stil open :) yay!

  28. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    Second entry

    Dog's best friend

    I did some scratch removal/clarify on Paint Shop Pro, as this is another scanned photo, taken in 1996 in Ireland. I do like the expression on both dogs' faces. :)
  29. Callie

    Callie Pivoting

    One very serious, one about to fall off the chair :D
  30. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

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