Favourite sound in a song?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Johnny Vodka, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka The Abominable Scotsman

    Beck's Jack-Ass just came on my i-tunes and I forgot how much I love that animal (pig? horse? fuck knows!) noise at the end of it. :oops: Always makes me smile. What's your favourite snippet of sound in a song?
  2. heinous seamus

    heinous seamus til clay-cauld death shall blind my ee

    Me and my mate once ran a drum machine through a few effects pedals on a song and it sounded like someone farting :cool:
  3. story

    story Changing the facts

    The breathing and cumming on Break 4 Love.

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  4. dessiato

    dessiato I have earned the right to sing the blues

    I always like to listen to the bass lines. I like bass guitar, Maybe I ought to learn to play one. I did once play the tuba, maybe that's where it stems from.
  5. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    the 'nanawoo-eee-oy' bit from shyfx Original Nuttah
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  6. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    First thing that came to mind was the sound that comes up in the big intro of this track, which sounds like a scaffold pipe being struck

    Smith Inc - Palomino (0.18 and repeated)

    and on a similar theme that also popped into my head straight after, in Voodoo Ray theres a melodic metal pipe type sound that really makes the track
    hear it loud and clear here at 0.39

    turns out i really like the sound of metal pipes. I didnt know that about myself
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  7. D'wards

    D'wards I'm an excellent driver

    I always assumed that was the sound a jack-ass makes. In fact, i'm sure of it
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  8. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I think they got it from Cypress HIll...

    not sure where they got it from. Great sound for sure
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  9. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    The sound of glass smashing all the way through this tune
    I like most of the noises in this, but especially the deep, futuristic synth pad which goes, "Wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww" (43 seconds is a good example)
    And I love this rounded, 'hollow' bass sound which is common to a few tracks. It kicks in at 1:20 here. I think it might be a square wave? Dunno.
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  10. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    that is a nice bass!
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  11. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    The bass noise in this song, well it is just a pitched kick drum really:
  12. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka The Abominable Scotsman

    I'm sure throughout Maxinquaye you can hear Tricky taking puffs of weed. That's pretty cool. :D
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  13. MrSki

    MrSki Who am I to say you're wrong

    I love the ending of Down in the Sewer by The Stranglers.

    Last twenty seconds down the plughole(But the whole song is worth a listen).
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  14. billy_bob

    billy_bob contents may have settled during transit

    Jazz's strangulated "ha" at 0.03 and the slightly longer "hey" at 0.08 on the live version of Pssyche would have to be a strong contender for me.

    It would have me literally throwing myself towards the dancefloor, in the days when such a thing was physically possible for me (and when such things were played anywhere near dancefloors....).
  15. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank If it's alive, don't lick it.

    That howl of negative-space feedback at the start of this:

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  16. tendril

    tendril Leave your money on the dresser

    What we used to call the leftfield clang in this oldschool corker (heard first at 1:13) :)

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  17. maya

    maya timewasting fool (in every universe)

    Steel guitars. I fucking love steel guitars. In any song.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
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  18. wtfftw

    wtfftw melting like a toastie

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  19. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baŠĻČned: All

    The sound of breaking glass and accompanying "oooooo" on the first beat of the bar in the Prodigy's Break and Enter.
  20. Enviro

    Enviro Make your assessment

    BPT - Turn Me On (John Ciafone's Dub) (track 3 on disc 1 of Global Underground 10: Danny Tenaglia)

    That reverby balloon popping/ squash ball sound, it's bloody amazing.
  21. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    The multitude of synth noises on anything that involved Trevor Horn, JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan, Anne Dudley back in the 80s. I'm thinking Art of Noise, Propaganda and the first ABC and FGTH albums. Oh and the Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm LP.

    And away from the ZTT lot; I love the samples and squishy noises on Eno & Byrne's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"...
  22. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

  23. copliker

    copliker ...


    And handclaps.
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  24. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    Oh, there are so many. But of late, it's been El-P. He has always had a really specific sound to his work, but recently, the loopy, fuzzy, sequenced synth sound with loads of distorted echo-y reverb he's been employing is the dopest of dopeness.

    For example, in the intro (and ongoing) to $4 Vic from his last record... from about 2.30 just gives me shivers...

    Or on his production of Killer Mike's Don't Die, a story track about trying to get away from corrupt cops...


    Starts carefully, but escalates. Ends up almost sounding like a police chase. It develops from verse one into something quite threatening and scary. I don't believe there are any sirens in the verse 2/3 music, but it's almost like you can hear them. Sound from similarly distorted, reverby sequenced synths. Love it.
  25. story

    story Changing the facts

    Oh yeah, I love the sound of Tricky gasping for breathe through his asthma on that album. It makes the whole LP really claustrophobic. I know he was an epic toker, but I always thought it was his asthma that made those sounds. He often talked about how suffocated he felt with his breathing problems. Also his sticky mouth sounds. It's all very close-up and intimate.
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  26. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    at 3:30.... seems to be made with a guitar? Steppenwolf

    guitarist goes a bit OTT at the beginning of this live version, reckon he had takena about 20 LSDs:
  27. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior


    From 0.10 onwards, the build up, then the horn from Albert King's I'll Play the Blues For You is amazing. Probably one of the most used sampled riffs in hip hop, but still. Kane did it first and it still sounds great. Worthwhile mentions to EPMD, Prince Paul and even Atmosphere, amongst many others.

    The riff in Mastermind, by Deltron 3030. Dan the Automator's production is beyond reproach, but the use of the sample from Johnny Olivo's Alguien is inspired, the perfect counterpoint to Del's spitfire delivery.

    Again, the riff around which the song is built. Rarely will I give much props to Necro, cos he's a bit (or a lot) of a dick. But the usage of Liya Fang's Guitar Hot Springs gives a light, airy sound which is an excellent counterpoint to the paranoid, political gangsterism of Ill Bill, Goretex and Sabac.
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  28. krink

    krink I'll do it this afternoon

    king tubby messing with drums is always a good sound
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  29. Johnny Canuck3

    Johnny Canuck3 Well-Known Member

    Lots probably. Coming to mind at the moment is the choo choo train at the beginning of Mcgear's Leave It.

  30. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. I've occasionally heard some industrial noise at a distance which has reminded me of this, and I have hold myself back from launching into a paean to the green stuff. :cool:

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