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    (Only, we only get three reviewers in my field if we’ve *really* fucked up.)
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    Reviewer 1: 'an almost flawless description of a qualitative study.'
    Reviewer 2: 'serious problems throughout, needs substantive revision.'

    [Amendments made.]

    Editor: decision to recommend substantive amendments. Would you like to chat about it?
    Me: well, yes. I find it really quite hard to negotiate reviews that are absolutely miles apart. It can feel as if I'm aiming for an invisible target. I did attempt to make significant progress towards addressing reviewer 2's concerns.
    Editor: oh, don't worry, hitting the target would have made no difference to my decision to ask for substantive amendments.


    Jesus fucking Christ.

    Two peer reviewers, who disagree completely. And - if I'm interpreting this reply correctly - a subsequent editorial decision that sees the content of the reviews as entirely irrelevant, and who has asked for substantive amendments on entirely separate grounds.


    At present, I have literally no idea wtf 'quality' is meant to mean in academic publications, or how 'peer review' is meant to somehow be providing robust guardianship of it.
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    Quality is so subjective, I think most of the time if you can address most of the comments and give reasoned arguments as to why the rest are irrelevant, generally it's fine.

    I feel your pain mrs quoad. Would withdrawing it from this journal and resubmitting it to another be an option?

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