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F1 2020


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Renault 2020 car
The RS20 wasn't physically present at the presentation at L'Atelier Renault at the glamorous Champs Elysees in Paris, but all of the team's key employees were. Not only the drivers, Ocon and Ricciardo, but also the likes of Cyril Abiteboul, Marcin Budkowski, Pat Fry and Alain Prost. Although 2019 had some highlights for Renault, with their P4-P5 finish at Monza being the team's best result in over a decade, the season overall was a frustratingly inconsistent one. McLaren ran away with the midfield title, which Renault held in 2018, and Toro Rosso even came close to finishing the season in fifth.

No full car shots just glimpses like this. They will change the livery, it isn't going to race looking like that :)



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No doubt there’s manoeuvring going on behind the scenes to try to agree the financial impact of the cancellation. Maybe that’s the reason the inevitable cancellation of the Chinese race has not yet been formally announced.
Not a shock.

The only one you think?
They have left the door open but it will be a massive headache to try and fit it in somewhere else as the calendar is full, there was talk of it swapping with Russia but so far just talk. Vietnam could become a risk but at the moment everything is looking OK for that race. The summer break is somewhere it could be slotted in but I think the teams would find that hard as many people could have already booked holidays.

The summer break is between Monday 3 August and Friday 28 August, Article 21.8 of the sporting regulations states: “All competitors must observe a shutdown period of 14 consecutive days during the time that two consecutive events are separated by at least 24 days during the months of July and/or August. If two consecutive events during this period are separated by only 17 days a shutdown period of 13 consecutive days must be observed. In either case competitors should notify the FIA of their intended shutdown period within 30 days of the start of the championship season.”

With no race in China this means, there will now be a month’s gap between the Vietnam Grand Prix at the start of April and the Netherlands Grand Prix on the first weekend in May, so there could be a swap but it would mean the teams transporting all of their equipment to China from Europe or America, depending on which race was swapped.

Currently, the only weekends throughout the calendar that are not allocated to pre-existing race and avoid the summer break are: 15-17 May, 29-31 May, 19-21 June, 10-12 July, 24-26 July, 11-13 September, 2-4 October, 16-18 October, 6-8 November and 20-22 November. But any one of those 10 available slots would cause at least a triple-header in terms of consecutive races and on some occasions even more.

How each date would affect the calendar;
15-17 May: Four consecutive races (Netherlands, Spain, China, Monaco
29-31 May: Four consecutive races (Monaco, China, Azerbaijan, Canada)
19-21 June: Five consecutive races (Azerbaijan, Canada, China, France, Austria)
10-12 July: Four consecutive races (France, Austria, China, Great Britain)
24-26 July: Three consecutive races (Great Britain, China, Hungary)
11-13 September: Five consecutive races (Belgium, Italy, China, Singapore, Russia)
2-4 October: Four consecutive races (Singapore, Russia, China, Japan)
16-18 October: Four consecutive races (Japan, China, United States, Mexico)
6-8 November: Four consecutive races (United States, Mexico, China, Brazil)
20-22 November: Three consecutive races (Brazil, China, Abu Dhabi)


Renault 2020 car
The RS20 wasn't physically present at the presentation at L'Atelier Renault
No full car shots just glimpses like this. They will change the livery, it isn't going to race looking like that
Not much of a car launch if the car isn’t there and they’re not even going to show you a proper picture of it. Bet those who turned up felt a bit short changed.


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Not a shock.

The only one you think?
My spy in Hanoi thinks they'll stop the Vietnam one.

It's sooner than the China one and, while they have nothing like the infection levels of China, the Vietnamese government likes to keep on top of things.

I hope they don't because it's an inaugural effort, and the GP has been hot gossip for a while.


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New Mercedes 2020
This car will either continue the heritage of its predecessors and gobble up another two titles this year to make it 14 F1 World Championship in seven years for the mightiest team the sport has ever witnessed. Will this car continue that perfect and unbeaten run in this final episode of the current regulations? Or will it be the car that ends the reign of mighty Mercedes over the sport at the highest level? Time will tell if this is the car that propels Lewis Hamilton to his seventh drivers’ championship title to match Michael Schumacher’s remarkable record. Or if it is the car that allows the Briton to usurp Schumi’s 91 Grand Prix wins.

Smart money will be on it being another potent weapon which will have the rest of the grid chasing as usual, but by all accounts, it should be closer than ever.

Sneak peek at the Alfa Romeo

This picture shows the new Alfo Romeo having a shakedown run. Kimi Raikkonen conducted the running of the car at Ferrari's official test track. The running is likely being classified as an official filming day. The Swiss team is due to hold an official unveiling of the car ahead of pre-season testing at Barcelona in Spain next week. Raikkonen is staying at the outfit for a second season alongside Italian Antonio Giovinazzi.



I don’t know if I like the white Alpha Tauri scheme. Reminds me of an RS Cosworth
It will surely be forever covered with insect splats, whenever it runs in a warm country. You know how hard it is to keep a white car clean!

Stick some storm trooper helmets on Kvyat and Gasly and their look would be complete.

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Imola wants to replace China GP
The San Marino GP venue hasn't welcomed Formula 1 since 2006 but has been interested in returning for some time, with speculation it is hoping to replace Monza when their current Italian GP contract ends. Currently, the race in Shanghai is classed as postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, but if a later date can't be found, Imola is keen to capitalise and take the April 19 date.

"We have indeed submitted an application to the FIA and the F1 organisation to replace the Chinese GP," circuit director Roberto Marazzi told reporters, "We have not yet received a response. I expect it is difficult to get everything arranged." Imola has the facilities to host F1 again after undergoing an upgrade and the circuit is back at Grade 1 FIA standard, the necessary level to hold a race. But for that to happen, there would need to be a lot agreed and organised in a very short period of time, whether it be a race fee with Liberty Media, ticketing for fans and logistics for teams. But a return to the historic Autodromo Enzo e Dini Ferrari would certainly prove popular with fans.

Toto Wolff on Max Verstappen contract
Max Verstappen ended all speculation regarding a potential move to Mercedes at the end of the year when he penned a four-year contract extension with Red Bull last month. However, Toto Wolff reckons the 22-year-old could still be available to replace Lewis Hamilton should the Brit opt to join Ferrari. Hamilton has held talks with Ferrari chiefs about replacing Sebastian Vettel and he is currently weighing up his future.

Mercedes boss Wolff is hopeful of keeping hold of his star driver but he has had to put contingency plans in place. Verstappen is one of the brightest young drivers in F1 and would be seen as a suitable replacement for the six-time world champion. Ferrari starlet Charles Leclerc also recently signed a five-year deal after impressing in his first year with the Italian manufacturer.

However, Wolff has hinted there could be exit clauses in place for both of the youngsters which would allow him to swoop for their signature. “I would be surprised if both of these young drivers have committed to their teams for five years and closed the door to everywhere else,” he told reporters. "Contracts are often more complex than the media portrays.”

If Verstappen and Leclerc do not want to link up with Mercedes then Wolff will have to look elsewhere. There are a number of talented youngsters on the Silver Arrows’ books including Esteban Ocon and George Russell. And they could be called upon to replace Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas if either man leaves this year.

“As long as we have a fast car because this is our first priority, we will always have a situation where we can choose who drives it,” Wolff added. “We have some juniors we rely on who have done a really good job, like George Russell who drove absolutely faultlessly at Williams and Esteban (Ocon) as well. So we have a pool of young drivers that we can access".

Meanwhile, Hamilton has hinted he may commit his future to Mercedes beyond 2020. "In the top teams there isn't going to be a lot of movement, most likely,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1. “In the ones cascading down I'm not too sure what everyone's contracts are but I don't think there's going to be a huge amount of movement. I think just get used to what's similar at the moment. I don't know what Seb's (Vettel) plan is for the future.”


So skyF1 are showing all three days of this week’s Barcelona test and I’m wondering if there might be a convenient online streaming site which will be active on those days? Anyone know?


Thanks again cybershot - the second of the four links provided on that sportsurge page is working nicely on iPad (but falls over as soon as linked to appletv on the big screen)

Loving the live coverage of F1 testing!

If only the sky F1 commentators would stop calling the renamed Toro Rosso team “Alpha TORY” :( Only Ted Kravitz seems to be able to enunciate “Tauri”
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The Mercedes looks pretty nippy.

Entirely unrelated, I notice the odds on Hammy winning the 2020 F1 title are about 4/6, while Max is 6/1, Leclonk is 11/2 and Botty 15/2.

The odds on Mercedes taking the Constructors' Championship are 4/11.


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2020 Formula 1 Barcelona Test 1 Day 1 - 5pm Results
1Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team1m16.976s72
2Valtteri BottasFINMercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team1m17.313s79
3Sergio PerezMEXBWT Racing Point F1 Team1m17.375s58
4Max VerstappenNEDAston Martin Red Bull Racing1m17.516s149
5Daniil KvyatRUSScuderia AlphaTauri Honda1m17.698s90
6Carlos SainzESPMcLaren F1 Team1m18.001s138
7Esteban OconFRARenault F1 Team1m18.004s62
8Daniel RicciardoAUSRenault F1 Team1m18.096s36
9George RussellGBRROKiT Williams Racing1m18.168s73
10Lance StrollCANBWT Racing Point F1 Team1m18.282s31
11Charles LeclercMONScuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow1m18.289s109
12Nicholas LatifiCANROKiT Williams Racing1m18.382s55
13Robert KubicaPOLAlfa Romeo Racing Orlen1m18.386s59
14Kevin MagnussenDENHaas F1 Team1m18.466s92
15Antonio GiovinazziITAAlfa Romeo Racing Orlen1m20.096s50