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F1 2019


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Again McLaren Renault way ahead of Renault factory team, changes at Renault I think, I've been saying it for a long time and don't understand why they haven't made changes at the top of the team.

As Toto said (on Sky), the strategy people took some flak for last week. This week, triumph.
I was really pissed off at Mercedes strategy last weekend, which may have shown in my posts, but this weekend they made a great call


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OK guys, we have visitors this weekend and the governor wants to go to the the bar early, no Ted this weekend so I can't say I want to wait for the notebook :hmm:

See you all after the break, lets hope the next few races are as good as the last few have been :thumbs:


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I don't have a record option available :hmm: probably could have done (like the laptop/telly fail) but out now
I was going to ask you if you knew how to record live TV but decided not to to save you some embarrassment ;) LOL

My dear Badgers we are now in the summer break for F1 so you should have time to link your laptop wireless to your smart TV, it takes about 2 minutes and all you have to do is click your mouse between 4 and 10 times, depending on the set-up.

Here is a simple less than 2 minute tutorial, you know it makes sense and watching F1 will be far more enjoyable :)

BTW if you can't find a link to watch yesterdays GP let me know and I'll see if I can find one for you, even if you only watch the last 20 or so laps :)


And if highlights will suffice then of course there’s dear old All4, or 4OD or whatever Ch4’s catch-up service is called these days. With smartdnsproxy service one can even watch it from abroad using a FireTV stick.


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RIP Jean-Paul Driot
A name that may not be known to many of you, but someone who played a big part in motorsport. He was the founder of DAMS and joined forces with F1 legend Alain Prost to launch e.dams, now competing as Renault e.dams in partnership with the French car maker in formula E. DAMS played a big roll in bringing drivers through in several junior single-seater series including GP2, F2, International F3000, as well as in Formula Renault 3.5. from the crop of current drivers in F1 Driot brought throught Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Carlos Sainz Jr.

Bottas has a plan B

Valtteri Bottas has revealed he has a “plan B” in case Mercedes does not keep him for 2020. How difficult is the situation for Bottas, as the pressure mounts on him to stop a run of mistakes while his future remains in the air. “It’s not easy,” he admitted. “But that’s the sport. You’re always on the limit, deciding the degree of risk that is acceptable. If at the same time there is uncertainty with your contract, it doesn’t help. Some people think that drivers are better with pressure, but that’s not the case for me”. As for what happens next, Bottas insisted he is “not particularly worried” about Wolff’s August deliberations. “But I would like to hear from the team about this, when you’re in Formula 1, you should always have a plan B and plan C as well” he said.

Bottas was also missing after the race, he just disappeared and was nowhere to be found, he didn't even take part in the after race team photo, that always follows a Mercedes win. I don't know if many of you noticed but after the first couple of photos Lewis got up and went looking for Rowan Atkinson, he then took him to the front of the group and sat him down where Bottas should have been sitting and had another couple of pictures taken, do you think he was telling Bottas that he was Mr Bean?


I don’t like Bottas’s chances of staying at Merc next year, which is unfortunate as I think Ocon coming in will increase the likelihood of Lewis being unsettled next year and as a Hamilton fan I’m not keen on that.
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Track news
Apparently, today Thursday the 8th August Liberty Media will sign a deal to keep the Mexican GP on the calendar for 3 more years. The race organizers declared on Twitter that Formula 1 in Mexico City will continue. The deal is reportedly for three years they claimed. Stayed tuned tomorrow to know all the details,” they added.

A quick look around social media through this up from Claudia Sheinbaum Mexico City’s mayor “I want to share some good news. Formula 1 is staying in Mexico. The city isn’t investing a single public resource”, it seems that a "group of businessmen" are going to put up the money that the government used to pay. (A group of businessmen :eek::hmm:).

According to a Swiss couple I know who live near Interlagos there is a lot of work going on at the pitts, so it seems clear to me that any Brazilian race will be held in Sao Paulo and not Rio as out President told us, all I've heard about Rio so far is that they can't get planning permission, the money or a contract with Liberty Media.

The Brazilian GP is later this year around the 17th November, so I would hope they get the work finished by then, but this being Brazil I'm guessing the paint will still be wet. I'm sure I read that the World Endurance Championship is returning to Interlagos, the famed 6 Hours of Sao Paulo is happening sometime in February iirc.

There is also lots of chatter about Saudi Arabia and a race there in 2021 (I think this is very unlikely as I don't believe they could build the track in time). Apparently the circuit will be the longest and most spectacular facility in the world. At its full extent, the circuit’s lap length will exceed Spa-Francorchamps’ 7.004 kilometers, currently the longest in F1. Several unique and radical features are planned, such as cars passing under an illuminated aquarium and a big dipper that mimics on-track action. There are also expected to be numerous elevation changes.

As I mentioned in a previous post about this event, it is believed that Bahrain has some sort of veto over other races in the region, granted to them by Bernie in exchange for their early commitment to F1 in the region. If there is a race in Saudi, the track will be very close to the race in Bahrain circuit and could have an effect on ticket sales, but the region is the fastest growing area of the world for viewers on TV so maybe that will not be a problem.

It is looking more and more likely that next season will have 22 races (Liberty Media want 24 in 2021), all the chatter is that Spain will remain on the calendar and will go back-to-back with the new Dutch GP in May. So it appears that the only race to fall off the calendar will be Hockenheim.

Could this be the 2020 calendar, Australia on March 15 and will be followed immediately by Bahrain (March 22). There will then be Vietnam (April 5), China (April 19), Holland (May 3), Spain (May 10), Monaco (May 24), Baku (June 7), Canada (June 14), France (June 28), Austria (July 5), Britain (July 19), Hungary (August 2), Belgium (August 30), Italy (September 6), Singapore (September 20), Russia (September 27), Japan (October 11), USA (October 25), Mexico (November 1), Brazil (November 15) and Abu Dhabi (November 29)

Don't put any money on it, as things change in F1 very fast :)

TV viewer figures
See what I did there ;) Viewing figures for the Formula 1 highlights show on Channel 4 have fallen once again to a new low, just 2.1 million tuned in to the show for the German Grand Prix, a fall of 17.3% from last season.The race at the Hockenheimring was one of the most thrilling and unpredictable of recent times. It seems viewers were put off by the French Grand Prix, the race at Paul Ricard is the only race this season to receive more viewers than last season and this year that was a crap race.


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Some news and gossip
Ocon and Bottas
According to a number of newspapers in Germany Ocon has signed for Renault for the 2020 season and that Bottas will stay at Mercedes. If these reports are true then Nico Hulkenberg has no seat, but my money would be on him replacing Romain Grosjean at Haas, if a deal can be done. Iirc Hulkenberg manages himself so a deal shouldn't be too difficult to arrange (I'd only put a tenner on it, but I think Haas will want to make a change and Hulkenberg would fit in well their, he and K-Mag are good friends off the track). Its interesting to read some of the reporters logic around this story, some claim that Mercedes will stick with Bottas "as he is a good number 2 driver" and that Ocon wouldn't settle for that, others claim that Mercedes don't want Ocon [yet] as it could upset Lewis and make him look around for a different seat. Could it just be that Bottas is a better driver than Ocon :confused::hmm::eek:

New rules
As of right now there has been a rule change to the "unsafe release" rule, any driver found to have been unsafely released by his team will automatically receive a time penalty, this hasn't always been the case even this season with some drivers receiving a time penalty while others only involved the team getting a fine (for example when Ferrari released Leclerc unsafely into the path of Grosjean at Hockenheim recently, the team was fined). The stewards will now have no option if they rule an unsafe release other to give the driver a time penalty, this for sure will level the playing field.

It also seems that the FIA want to put some sort of tyre pressure measuring device on all cars, so pressures can be monitored during the race, it isn't really clear if this will happen from next season or from 2021, different reports say different things, but I'm sure if the FIA can get it together for next season we will see its introduction then.

Silverstone 2020
Despite the calendar having not yet been released, Silverstone have already confirmed that the race will be later next season, this season it was on July the 14th and clashed with Wimbledon tennis, they claim that in 2020 it will be on 19th July, so a week later than this year. It isn't really clear if this is to avoid a clash with the tennis or as a result of Baku's race promoters wanting a summer slot next season rather than in April. I'd expect the full calendar to be released in a few weeks.

Seats up for grabs
The only seat that I believe is for sure up for grabs it Kubica's seat, I can't see Williams keeping him for another year. If I'm right about Haas making a change then maybe Grosjean could go to Williams. I can't see Haas going for a rookie, that's why I think Hulkenberg will go there.


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The 2021 F1 car looks very different if you really look at it

Formula 1 has revealed vision of its 2021 concept car as the series prepares for major regulation changes. The scale model was tested in Sauber’s wind tunnel in Switzerland, and according to the FIA’s head of single-seater technical matters Nikolas Tombazis, the model revealed a major downforce reduction versus the current cars, which backs up the CFD findings. “It is a 5-10% wake disruption, compared to the current levels of 50%, although it depends on the exact configuration you are testing and so on” he said. The reintroduction of ground-effect package is also complemented by simpler front wings and bargeboards. The technical changes are intended to improve wheel-to-wheel racing and allow cars to follow more closely to each other.

It would encourage more overtaking, and much fewer passes that are aided by the Drag Reduction System (DRS). According to F1’s chief technical officer Pat Symonds, the results from testing so far have been “exceptional”. “Results are actually beyond what I thought we could achieve when we started the project” he said.

Another major change will be the introduction of the 18-inch wheel rims, while the halo system will also be simplified to complement the car design. Symonds said teams have been helpful as the deadline to ratify the 2021 rules approaches. The 2021 changes are also in line with new cost cap restrictions on teams to help close the gap between the front running outfits and the midfield. “The teams that have had the resources to do it have worked on a number of projects for us, and they are all fully informed of what is going on, we have meetings every few months, we send our geometry to them, they then run that in their own CFD environments and they feedback results to us” Symonds said.