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Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Jeremiah18.17, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Getty look like big donors from the CEF website.
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    One of XR criticism of democracy is that lobbying of government by the rich and powerful means that democracy doesn't work. So XR non violent mass rebellion replacing democracy with Peoples Assembly is the way forward.

    Taking funding from the wealthy donors does seem to me XR falling into same trap.
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    The XR lot have camped up in the park opposite the Old Vic theatre near Waterloo in London. Well organised. Looks like they are there for several days. They have set up stage. Sadly no drugs or alcohol. So clean planet loving living only. Some pics. I like the activists on the ground. Even though I have reservations about the leaders.
    20190716_094446.jpg 20190716_202209.jpg 20190716_202234.jpg 20190716_202922.jpg 20190716_202953.jpg 20190716_203103.jpg 20190716_203129.jpg
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    I do have problems with this. This evening one of the XR people was giving speech about compassion radical government. Etc. Saying that democracy was in hock to powerful business and media interests. That they were advocating peaceful radical change by mass action. Not once mentioned support from wealthy donors like the Getty family for XR.

    Seems to me activists on the ground get one story whilst leaders chat to wealthy donors.
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    Some posho on Radio 4 this morning having conniptions because XR is “anarchism with a smiling face”, is anti capitalist, extremist etc.
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    I wish I shared his high opinion of them
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    Yeah, heard that too. He got a very long time airing his position too. Who was it, I missed the name?
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    Is that Vanessa Redgrave?
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    I bet Roger the dodger plans to have special voting rights.
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    Aye. Missed it too.
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    Hold on. Probably this:

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    XR spokesperson on the radio now. Asked if he wants to bring down Capitalism. Evaded the question. Did say they were prepared to break the law. (peacefully).

    spokesperson did good job on refuting the ex cop report.

    XR spokesperson was Rupert Reed.
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    Another voice here :


    Taking shelter from the sun and the overt Glasto-hippie atmosphere under the ‘information’ gazebo, The Fly overheard one Bristol punter ask questions as to how XR was organised and how its decisions were made. The punter was told that all XR decisions were made by ‘those people with influence and qualification in the movement’, in what was described as a ‘post-democratic structure’(?)


    The punters were by and large FULLY AWARE of the issues and how SERIOUS they are, but DIDN’T CONNECT in any way to the XR protestors or their activities. Questions were raised like What’s the point of such tactics? What’s the message here, beyond sound bites? ARE THEY ALL HIPPIES? Why stop our public transport to make a point about private cars on the road? Why don’t they instead OCCUPY the head offices of the offending FOSSIL FUEL corporations and collaborator government agencies? Might support them then… Listening to these authentic Bristol voices, The Fly rubbed its legs together in contemplation. Clearly, such voices were NOT going to get the biggest cheers at the ‘peoples assembly’ of yogi-flyers levitating above Bristol Bridge.
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    Christ, so liberals opposed to democracy out to save us. Something sounds familiar.
  23. LynnDoyleCooper

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    Beyond politics. :hmm:
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    Beyond your participation anyway.
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  25. campanula

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    Hard not to see the essential inanity of 'climate camps - my bloody daughter is participating in one (which I am expected to give up my entire weekend to sew cushions for the kids area). She is basically going on an urban holiday with vegans. I am so fucking sick of greenwash bullshit - my stepmother-in-law buys some shit lager made from purified water or summat, ostentatiously waves the tins around WHILE DRIVING A FUCKING GREAT 4x4 LANDROVER...in GLASGOW! (Because EVERYONE drives these in Scotland - O rly?) Daughter thinks nothing of nipping off on a plane...but is sanctimonious as fuck if we have a sausage roll. They have all the badges though. Because yep, what I am seeing, on my bike going to work, are a troupe of middle class trustafarians with endless time on their hands, waffling on about the latest food fad (but not air miles, of course) and I swear, it gets on my last nerve. I fucking KNOW I am ecologically sound because I am too poor to be anything else.
    Taking money from philanthropists - yeah, right.
    Just fuck right off.
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    Well they've pissed off my parents so that's something.

    Although Mum's just said that they are to happy clappy. I quite agree.
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    Accepting donations is usually the start of things fucking up.
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    It came up at work today. ( London). Lot of support for what they are doing. And these are working class guys. Not middle class hippies.
    I've really mixed feelings about XR.

    The Policy Exchange report that was on radio this morning is start of backlash.

    The early protests of XR ended up with even my Council deciding doing its own People Assembly on climate change would be good idea.

    From what Ive seen in London the XR protests involve a wide range of ages and people.

    Also, beatniks, hippies is milieu I grew up in Plymouth. I have issues with them on personal level but its not just a middle class phenomenon.
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    I like idea take money from rich.
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    I have loads of reservations about xr and I'd say I'm pretty committed to supporting them.

    It's still a very white, middle class movement....although some people within it listened to some of the valid criticism about the way it alienates people (after the April action ) I don't know if enough people are doing so

    IBut I've skirted environmental protest since the '90's dipping in only tiny amounts while burying my head in the sand hoping climate change would somehow fix itself or happen slowly or after my life....I can't ignore it anymore ....so I'm doing things with XR....and if not with XR then I'll have to find other ways
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