Extinction Rebellion

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    Yeah the book is mostly really good, I was a bit disappointed in the plunge into identity politics and privilege politics he took in some of it though. I think some of the class stuff is a bit confused too, more equates extreme poverty and deprivation with working class in some bits. He's very sharp on the criticism of activism though.
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    LynnDoyleCooper Up against the wall motherfucker.

    Maybe you could offer a better explanation than an emoticon?

    Why do you think infiltration was the problem that wrecked the group? And yes, I know the core group was infiltrated. The infiltration was largely an information gathering mission, they had little political influence on the direction of the group.

    IME problems were to do with the structure of the group that had been needed to organize the things it did, its massive popularity and that creating huge demands externally on the group, changing nature of what enabled activism (the dole), the political direction of the group and no clear ideas where to take things from street parties and then J18.
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    Green & Black Cross don't usually make statements on particular groups they support, they've had it with XR. Personally I think GBC gave them far too much of their resources before sacking them off cos by this account XR are just shitting all over the work they've been doing, not just for them.

    Statement on Extinction Rebellion | Green and Black Cross
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