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Extinction Rebellion

Dan U

looks like police are moving in on Waterloo Bridge and telling anyone who doesn't want to get nicked to move to Marble Arch, presumably same at other places too if they are still going.


I'll meet you further on up the road
Waterloo more arrests just now
Met want to consolidate eveyone at Marble Arch
All sites thinned out over night ...can anyone do an evening or 1am shift at sites (Not all arrest roles e.g. stewards, legal observing, welfare, tea/water provision)

Great need for bike and trailer going between sites and anyone who could go do water runs in early hours of morning would be v welcome at any sites

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I was working at the NT all day today, saw the police dragging off protesters around lunchtime. The crowd was smaller when I left about an hour ago but still there and bridge still well and truly closed.

I saw something on Twitter (I think, maybe on here) where someone was pointing out that, due to police cuts, they haven't got the resources to deal with this at the moment. I have to agree. There were hardly any coppers on the south side of Waterloo bridge. I've seen more FIT coppers at football than the combined amount of normal filth on the bridge today.


it was thinning out on Waterloo this evening. Plus they were calling for help from that lot to join Oxford Circus. Police will go in tonight maybe. Authorities are rather worried about provoking too much given the threats to glue hands to Tube trains tomorrow morning.