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Extinction Rebellion


Yeah I'm thinking bout going up and supporting for a day or two, nice to have something else than just weasel words and "let's build the party" politics.

Anyone else def going? I'm sure many/most of us here have plenty of criticisms and reservations of XR but a major shutdown of central London to oppose the environmental impact of capitalism? Maybe even some good old baby-eating.
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I took the day off and have been going round the five sites with a camera, though I'm having some lunch at the moment. Very happy atmosphere so far but that can be hard to keep going - I don't know what proportion are in for the long haul. Certainly having multiple locations seems like a good tactic
Fancy posting the pics on the urban75 blog?


Last time it was the weekend. This time it's the Easter Hols. They should try when it's actually busy in London.


Is it the same locations tomorrow?
I’m at Marble Arch and they look like they’re here for the long run. Spoke to a chap on one of the barricades at Oxford Circus and he said they were going to try and stay for a week.

Currently watching Alabama 3 on the back of a truck. There’s fairly decent sized crowd scattered around the junction and a lot of tents going up in the green bit.]


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