Extinction Rebellion

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Jeremiah18.17, Oct 27, 2018.

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    This is very interesting. Agree with previous posters reminded me of 1939s and paintings.

    Film has a different "feel" to digital. Digital looks to perfect. Saw Tarantino recent film projected on film rather than. digital and it does feel warmer.

    Black and white has historical connotations so did put XR in context of protests in 60s.

    My first feeling is that Black and White is less "noisy" than colour. Colour photos are so full that they are distracting. These B&W photos make me look at the individual more than the overall picture. Makes the protest feel more human in a way.

    Makes me think for documenting things black and white film has a place.
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    Really insightful thoughts on it there mate. Nice one.

    I agree that there's a clarity in these shots that's just not there in all the other modern protest photography I have seen. I don't mean technical clarity really. Just that there is something in the way the image is caputered that makes it a sharper and more nuanced work, there's an intent to it. It's not messing about like. These shots really bang hard.
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    Not seeing much in the way of Cubism or Art Deco going on there myself. I was thinking a good bit earlier.
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    I shoot most of my protest photography on film, usually black and white film (and that usually HP5+). For that matter I also generally use the same sort of camera (a compact manual focus SLR or, now I have the money, a Leica) and the same lens (usually a 50mm though I've been experimenting with 35mm recently), ideally nothing made after 1990.

    There are several reasons, but the idea of continuity between protest photography in the past and now that you mention is definitely one of them. I started out because I was interested in documentary photography from around the 60s to 80s - journalism and protests but also social documentary - and the idea of continuity of imagery, and, uh, lack of money, pulled me towards the one-camera-one-lens-one-film setup. The classic SLR, ISO 400 B&W film and a fast 50 combination was both entry level and professional kit for a long time, and it does influence the sort of photographs you take. A prime lens means you're forced to have a consistent perspective for all your shots. Manual focus and an optical finder I find make me feel more connected to the events around me. And so on (I can go on about this for ages).

    And yes, I also think B&W can strip out a lot of distractions (particularly in colourful protests) and mean you end up just with people. Which can make it harder mind you.
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    Extinction Rebellion on the history programme The Long View comparing the 15c Florence and the present day XR. XR took part. Not a wise decision imo.

    The Long View - Extinction Rebellion and the Bonfire of the Vanities - BBC Sounds

    Unlike the 15c Savonarola the XR spokesperson came across like a liberal who when questioned is all things to all people.

    Tim Stanley ( a Tory but made good points) was sympathetic but critical.

    The XR spokesperson said that XR is not moralistic like Savonarola but then said XR is going to run an anti consumerist campaign against the fashion industry. As individual people buying clothes were furthering the climate crisis. This after saying they were trying to push for a politics that was systemic change rather than moralistic.

    Tim Stanley ( sympathetic) saw the the , for example, the women dressed in red as a religious aspect to XR similar to 15c . This I saw ( and agree) is not a criticism. Street theatre can be powerful.

    XR spokesperson was questioned on democracy. XR spokesperson said that the present democratic process can not deal with climate crisis. So XR proposal of "People's. Assembly " was much more democratic. Not how I see XR ideology as I've posted before.

    The XR spokesperson didn't say the so called People's Assemblies would only happen after XR civil disobedience had forced the government of the day to agree to zero carbon by 2025. So a People's Assembly would be restricted to deciding the best option to get to that point.

    I do feel XR are trying to position themselves as the anti politics group. Its a bit disingenuous.

    Unfortunately I did feel the comparisons with a Christian guilt trip movement of the 15c and XR are relevant.

    Posters here have criticised XR for the guilt aspect.

    XR came across as wanting to be seen as rational science based project and moralistic in the programme.

    Interesting programme if you haven't heard of Savonarola before.
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    Oh dear, indeed.
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    Tedious cunt.
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    Oh the irony of singing that and calling anyone else banal. "Hur dur leftie students protesting about stuff, what a bunch of cunts, why can't they just get a sensible haircut and do some common sense bootlicking like the rest of us eh?" Yeah your cup of innovation really runneth over there mate. What other songs does he have - lemme guess, something about preachy vegans?

    Edit: Lol even worse, one on Millennials, another on Remainers and he's wearing, oh dear oh dear, an Infowars T-shirt.
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    WTF are you on here for Marty1? You bring nothing of interest or use to this board, and you quite clearly think you're being edgy or controversial when it's just tedious and thick as shit stuff we've all seen a thousand times.

    E2A: Fuck it, I've just put you on ignore as I can feel my brain rot when I read your posts.
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    I'm no great fan of Hallam but I also am circumspect about condemning someone on basis of one article.

    Hallam also says this:


    He could be accused of putting things poorly but , to give him benefit of doubt, he is saying that man made climate change couldd result in many deaths in the global South.
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    Stuff coming out in German media that it was deliberately provocative and he intends to do more of the same.

    Anyone got tips on translating a longish article from German to English?* I’ve seen snippets of it in the intro to others’ posts linking it but not read the whole thing.

    There’s also a leaked memo from Roger to xr’s media and messaging group where he goes into more detail. & states his intention to do more of the same.

    edited to add a link to one article in German:
    Extinction Rebellion ǀ Eine gezielte Provokation — der Freitag

    * sorted that now, opened it in Chrome.
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    When I first saw him I thought he was a wanker's wanker and everything he's done since then has confirmed my opinion
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  20. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    The problem there is the idea of "XR itself".

    XR doesn't have the kind of decision making process to rush out a condemnation like this and the fact that statements like this have appeared from the main social media outlets has caused ructions.
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    I appreciate him for compressing the shite I haven't met before and sharing it. For fucks sake the whole point in urban is in having a few different opinions surely....

    And BTW Hallam is obviously behaving like a total fool now and proof to the point that it is time to move on in terms of environmental justice action - with the emphasise on the latter rather than the former.

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