Exit impact on Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by ska invita, Jun 25, 2016.

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    it would be only fitting to have jelly and ice cream for the break up of the Union

    if the 6 counties are set adrift
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    I'll buy
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  3. Casually Red

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    Some analysis here, pretty much backing up what I was saying earlier . Although the establishment nationalists conspiracy allegations as regards the surprising number of out votes in some nationalist wards should be taken with a large grain of salt . Republicans and socialists had plenty of valid reasons for an anti eu vote . As its been a republican position since the early 70s , and similar in ways to the reasons tony Benn opposed it . Some politicians would prefer not to remind people of that .

    Dissident Republicans in Northern Ireland seize moment to fight partition

    Northern Ireland unionists and republicans among Brexit backers

    And the full spectrum responses of various outfits, ranging from the pro GFA and pro EU shinners and SDLP to the anti eu and anti GFA groups - 32 CSM, RSF, Eirigi, 1916 socs .

    Eta its notable these latter groups often mention and congratulate the British working class on their vote , and highlight it's anti establishment, anti capitalist significance .

    Brexit - The view in Ireland
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  4. wheelie_bin

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    Can anyone please point me to an article or speech by someone stating that the UK wants to put a formal border post in between NI and Ireland? I watched the NI debate on BBC and every person on the leave side explicitly stated they saw no need for a border. So I've see lots of people worrying that there will be a new border, but I haven't yet seen anybody who has said that they would support having such a border.
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  5. Casually Red

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    NOBODY wants to do it. The fact is they'll HAVE to . Osborne , Blair..they've all said it will have to happen if the Uk votes leave . The leave side were lying about this not happening . The remain side were telling the truth . It's inconceivable there won't be a formal " hard " border on the land frontier with the eu . Impossible . Unless Britain decides to leave its eu borders completely open . Which would be madness .

    But it's a mistake to believe there's no border...there most certainly is . Partition is very real . Politically real . The difference will be partition will be a lot more evident visually , a lot more of an irritant to people's daily lives . That in turn will galvanise a demand that partition itself be addressed . The entire political status quo that's been built upon maintaining partition by making it more user friendly will come under serious political pressure . Those who uphold partition and co operate with it will face a lot more opposition and resentment . And the acceptance of partition by the nationalists comes under threat. It'll be a lot harder to convince people to have meaningless " aspirations " for unity . It'll focus them into a concrete demand .
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  6. mauvais

    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    I'm assuming the above is contingent on 'leave' meaning more than freedom of movement continuing on an in-EU basis - i.e. you don't believe a border will be put in place if it's business as usual in that sense?
  7. There is a hard border between Schengen and Ireland, as long as that remains why would there need to be one between Ireland and NI?
  8. Combustible

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    Because EU citizens are free to enter Ireland, so if there are restrictions on non-British EU citizens entering the UK, they could bypass this by going through NI. But there are other options open to the government, e.g. they could not restrict entry to the UK but require non-UK citizens to have work permits to legally work.
  9. Free movement of people will remain, without it there will be no single market access and the U.K. can say goodbye to its economy. It is likely that you can only come for work if you have a firm job offer, that'll be about it.

    Entering Ireland from Schengen will still require passports to be shown as now, the same as entering the UK will, no extra restrictions will be in place or else those same restrictions would be reciprocated and no one wants that.
  10. Combustible

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    Well at least from what the EU are currently saying, restricting coming for work to those with a firm job offer would also mean no single market access, whether they budge on that remains to be seen.
  11. Formal negotiations haven't started and won't until Article 50 is triggered, so positioning now has to take place to enable there to be something to negotiate. In all probability very little will be gained by the UK leaving the EU in terms of our relationship with it. Hopefully, and as we have already seen, Brexit may force the EU to not be such a bunch of shitheads. We'll see...
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  12. Idris2002

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    Whatever happens it will be "divorce with bed rights".
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  13. brogdale

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    (Potentially) interesting development:-

    Northern Ireland has mounted a legal challenge to stop Brexit

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  14. Casually Red

    Casually Red tomorrow belongs to me

    It won't so much be about people, it'll be about trade and movement of goods. Tariffs etc. they'll need customs posts on the border for that . Customs posts will immediately be blown up, thereby requiring a major security presence. Which in turn will not merely be deeply resented by the border populace but also itself be targeted . And so it goes with its own inexorable logic.

    They're crapping themselves about that , all of them . Really bricking it .
  15. brogdale

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    "We're going to take back control of our borders"....except the one dividing the RoI & NI.

    Going to use the CTA as a 'fudge', and this looks very fudgy indeed:-

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  16. brogdale

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    Bang on time...

    Martin McGuinness calls for special EU status for Northern Ireland
  17. brogdale

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    So...out of the customs union = hard border with RoI.
    So no problems there, then?
  18. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

  19. brogdale

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    I don't know enough of NI politics to say, but i'd be surprised if SF didn't try to exploit this huge, live issue that will top the news agenda throughout the campaign & elections.
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  20. Can't we use this juncture to give NI back to the Irish? The only people who'd give a fuck are the loony-loyalists, do we really want them? Let them become Dublin's problem...
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    Dublin doesn't want them either.
  22. Pickman's model

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    give them a new island to colonise

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  23. ((((PENGUINS))))
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  24. Pickman's model

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    the penguins will be decanted to a safe location
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    Border isn't down to customs union. There are hard customs borders within mainland EU, its customs co operation that you have to think about. If we keep our software formating compatable with the EU, all but suspect trucks, can roll right through.

    A number plate scanner and a RFID scanner on a gantry, and a hut
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  27. Pickman's model

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    don't even go there, broggers, don't even go there.
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  28. brogdale

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  29. gosub

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    probvably best. quite distracted shit load of work to do ahead of thurs deadline

    About TIR
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    Why should Dublin clear up our mess?

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