Exhibitions and events at Somerset House, central London

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by editor, Jun 27, 2008.

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    looks a bit crap to be fair

    its not a living room. its a load of seating, carpet/rugs and lamps outside :hmm:
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    I saw this by the National Threatre a couple of weeks ago, which I thought was great, but maybe because it was unexpected:

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    Ah the NT one is much better :)
    Remember when all those chairs were put out in trafalger sq?
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    Editor - can you go on the Greenwich Wheel and report back please. Don't want to waste £7 for 12 minutes if it's crap :D
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    On Saturday, we popped down to see ‘A Flow of Words,’ a spoken word event in the Dead House, underneath Somerset House - anyone else go?

    It was hosted by Romesh Gunesekera, Writer in Residence at Somerset House, and featured three writers reading commissioned stories and poems inspired by River Sounding.




    More pics: http://www.urban75.org/london/somerset-house-dead-house-london.html
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    Most curious that there are people buried down there.
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    I wandered into this exhibition yesterday, only had time to look at half of it, but there's some incredible work in it.The cover photo makes it look as though it's all going to be about environmental destruction, but it's actually a whole spread of landscape photography. I've never seen photographs like this before, although possibly that's because I don't go to enough photography exhibitions. I don't think I had any understanding before of what was possible with digital technology - not just the incredible detail of the photographs but how they're processed afterwards and the printing techniques. It's almost a whole new artform.

    E2A: don't bother going on the guided tour of Somerset House though, it's pants. While you are there you could drop in to Two Temple Place though - the exhibition is a bit naff but the building is something else: http://www.twotempleplace.org/
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    Better link here, and you can see some of the photos (by photographer) here.
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    That's gone into Google Keep as a thing to do!
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    Some very nice photos there, some a bit "different" also but still interesting.
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    Saw the Dryden Goodwin film The Seeing Hand at Somerset House along with Beyond Boundaries.
    Love Goodwins work, what a talent!
    The Zhang Zikang work was interesting (some of it). The film of the two ceramic puppets (Mr Sea) was slightly disturbing, but worth a look.

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