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As I grew up on the Barbican in Plymouth was intrigued to see this.

The Mayflower – Mayflower 2020 Anniversary | Mayflower 400 | Mayflower

From November this year start of celebration,
The Mayflower 400 events programme will share the values of migration, tolerance, freedom and democracy and tell the story of a ship and its passengers - a group of people that a remarkable 30million+ US citizens have descended from.
I do remember Americans turning up to see the Barbican.

The mind boggles that 30 million were descended from them.

I kind of thought American Indians didn't see the Mayflower in this way.


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This is a fairly mundain article but I did note this bit:

Electrician stole Ford cars by taking keys from student properties
"The 45-year-old, of Selley Walk in Bishopsworth, stole:

  • Two Fords from the XITE energy drink building in Amelia Court, Pipe Lane, between August 13 and 16.
  • Four Fords from the UNITE student accommodation on Frogmore Street and Charlotte Street on September 14 and September 22.
  • Car keys from the Mercure Hotel in Redcliff Hill on September 27.
  • Property from Orchard Heights student accommodation on Frogmore Street on September 14.
  • A £285 bicycle from Bridewell Police Station, on Bridewell Street, on July 4.
  • Vehicles, computers and microphones worth a total of £50,000 from Amelia Court between August 12 and 17.
  • Makeup worth £35 from Wilko, Union Street, on August 13.
  • £50 in cash from lawyers Roxburgh Milkins in Merchants House, Wapping Road."

Dawn Crescendo

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Actually in Devon we have had a few significant crimes (one actually not legally a crime as it turned out) We had the case of Alexander Lewis-Ranwell who went on a rampage one day in February and brutally killed three very old men. He was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. I will comment that I found parallels between his case and that of Darren Pencille (who was found guilty of murder) in spite of showing obvious sign of insanity .. I could not help but note that Pencille is black and working class whilst Lewis-Ranwell is white was educated at a public school, played polo and is from an upper middle class background. Another case is that of Holly Strawbridge who has been found guilty of encouraging her 15 years old son (who died as a result) to use class A drugs. Whilst Devon is not the crime capital of the UK in proportion to its population it probably has a similar level of crime to many other more urban parts of the UK much of it driven by high levels of unemployment and the resultant frustration and sense of hopelessness. We also have a significant number of homeless rough sleepers .. I would guess that in Torquay (where I live) we have at least 25 rough sleepers. A visit to Exeter will reveal a large number of rough sleepers and likewise a visit to Plymouth will reveal the same.