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Everton 18/19 - an Allardyce free zone


Not just a little bit of a slag, but a total slag.
We came back from two down in 2016 by scoring three times in the last twelve minutes. But they were only one up at half time.


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I know the gobshites can't help themselves and love posting in the Everton thread, so I'll just plant this here for them.

First is first, second is nowhere.


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Very decent that, especially Iwobi, Delph (though how Carragher thought he was man of the match is beyond me) and Richarlison. Mina was the standout for me though, he was immense.


a genuine importer of owls

Kean has a bad attitude not based on anything he has actually done, but because Juventus allowed him to leave.


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I'll just rescue the Everton thread from page 2 again to say how well you Bluenoses are playing against Tequila Sunrise FC.



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It's been seven hours and fifteen days
Since you posted on your thread...

He did a great Uncle Knobhead slide today...

Thought you should have had at least 1 more there today.
Was gutted when that went in, to be honest. He didn't start today and we were vastly superior to how we have been all season - then he goes and does that.


big eejit

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Best performance of the season. Still can't score for Toffee though. A less obliging team than West ham would've pulled one (or more) back before Gylffi's late clincher.


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As bad a performance as I can remember, that. If he isn't sacked tonight then I fear what the next home match is going to be like.