Essential Trump/Alt-Right Ridicule Thread

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by pk, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

  2. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    First private border wall section built, group says

    link shows a video of the wall being built.

    Fun fact: Arizonia and Texas do not share a border. New Mexico is between them. Another fun fact: most Americans think New Mexico belongs to Mexico.

  3. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Franklin Graham calls for 'Special Day of Prayer' to protect Trump from enemies

  4. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

  5. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

  6. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    White House tried to hide USS John McCain’s name during Donald Trump’s visit to Japan: reports

  7. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

  8. Artaxerxes

    Artaxerxes Well-Known Member

    Apparently #tradwife and #tradlife is a thing and I'm getting food poisoning just from seeing the cooking associated with it.

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  9. ItWillNeverWork

    ItWillNeverWork Messy Crimbobs, fellow humans.

    I've no idea what this has to do with Trump, but if he came round my house cooking that shit I'd kick him right out the front door. Yummy, grey meat in dishwater. :hmm:
  10. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

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  11. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Trump tells UK he 'wouldn't pay' $50 billion Brexit divorce bill - CNNPolitics

  12. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

  13. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 front left

  14. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

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  15. CRI

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  16. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

  17. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

  18. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

    In some places it's true though.

    Also, when I was 15 or 16, I went on a 4H trip to Washington, DC, on a coach from Southern Illinois with about 30 other kids from a 3 or 4 county local area. To be fair, for some it was the first trip they'd taken further than the next state, but when we made our first stop, there were a few who couldn't figure why we were going East, when Washington is on the West Coast. :facepalm:
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  19. Ming

    Ming Massive prawns

    As an ex-pat that confused me for a little bit.
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  20. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    oh i have a story like that too.

    let me tell you it. ex-wife's father has a check drawn on an NM bank. teller says, "sorry, we don't accept foreign checks." he says, "please consult with your manager." she does, comes back, "sorry, we don't accept foreign checks."

    my ex was as much from the mountains as that bank teller and told me that for yucks. so even in Appalachia people know that NM is a state, never mind here in so-phis-tic-a-ted Manhattan.

    "most Americans..." tho'. :facepalm:
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  21. CRI

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  22. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

  23. CRI

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  24. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie Pickled Egg

    I see that fascist cunt Amy Dalla Mura got nicked yesterday for stabbing a Trump blimp, & in the process sliced her hand open :D Shame it wasn’t her neck.

  25. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

  26. existentialist

    existentialist Girly swot

    I think that what you have there is four self-obsessed people desperately trying to do "SRS RSPCT". And not entirely succeeding.
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  27. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    mr may has farted and the rest of them are concerned the others will think it's them
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  28. existentialist

    existentialist Girly swot

    I think you've nailed it. Because, of course, if you've just cut the cheese, as any fule kno, the best way of making sure nobody thinks it's you, is to express more disgust at the stench than anyone else is.

    I'm just not sure it was Mr May - I think they all farted simultaneously, probably at the prospect of having to look serious and genuine for more than 5 seconds.
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  29. Idris2002

    Idris2002 perkins saved by moscow gold

    Tricky knows.

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  30. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Boston’s Straight Pride Parade Is Even Worse Than You Think


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