England vs Croatia

Discussion in 'football' started by Obnoxiousness, Sep 7, 2009.


So what do you think will happen on Wednesday?

  1. Easy England win?

  2. Easy Croatia win?

  3. Draw?

  4. England scrapes a win?

  5. Croatia scrapes a win?

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  1. Obnoxiousness

    Obnoxiousness >-->))).>

    Hopefully England will continue their winning form against Croatia on Wednesday night.

    Seven wins from seven qualifying games ain't too shabby since Capello gripped the England team by the bollocks and told them how to play football properly.

    Even the bookies are tipping England to win! :)

    But will Capello choose to start things off with two sharp shooters at the front?


    Or will he play Heskey or Carlton Cole?
  2. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    I really hope we can wrap it up tomorrow but I dont think he will play Defoe from the start because Capello mentioned the other night "When Defoe plays in the second half he scores". He is going to be used as a "super sub" so it will be Rooney and Heskey to start.
  3. Obnoxiousness

    Obnoxiousness >-->))).>

    Far be it from me to question Fabio Capello... but I don't get the logic. Wouldn't it be better to get the goals in the first half?

    I guess Capello knows his shit better than I do. :)
  4. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    I would like to see Defoe start because he is in superb form at the moment but I just cant see him changing things at the moment.
  5. Sesquipedalian

    Sesquipedalian Banned Banned

    Me too.
    I don't get the Heskey thing. :confused:
    A competent player but world class ?
  6. Obnoxiousness

    Obnoxiousness >-->))).>

    I wouldn't wanna defend against Heskey though, he's a big bloke.

    I can't help feeling that a Theo Walcott hat-trick isn't going to be on the cards.
  7. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/

    I hope Croatia win.

    Really I do.
  8. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    Well neither do I but I guess Capello likes the option of him to hold the ball and win the knock downs for Rooney.

    I thought the movement of Rooney and Defoe would be harder to defend against though rather than a traditional box standard target man.
  9. jcsd

    jcsd one careful pwner

    Ignore the post above the post above.

    Heskey provides a better foil for Rooney and at 6'2" with dominant aerial abilty you can see why he might get the nod over 5'6" Defoe especially when partnering Rooney who is a fairly average 5'10".

    Still there's a lot to be said for starting Defoe, if I were Capello I'd be sorely tempted to. There's also a lot of logic to having Defoe on the bench though, if the attack needs to be changed I'd rather be able to pull Defoe out of the bag than Heskey. Defoe of course also has an excellent track record of scoring as a substitute.
  10. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    I really hope they dont, I hope they get battered about 6-0 it will give Vlatko Markovic something else to cry about.
  11. Sesquipedalian

    Sesquipedalian Banned Banned

    I think Crouch would do that better.
    Maybe Heskey is a bit "rougher" :D Then use Defoe when their Centre Backs are a bit mashed up.
  12. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    :D I like it!!!
  13. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/


    Can we only talk about how great the England football team are here?

    Take Sloviana friendly.

    England win a dodgy 2-1 on behalf of Shrek.

    Bear in min that Engalnd has a popilation of 50 mil and has by far the most money going into footballl in the world. Slovenia, a poloulation of 2 mil. 4% the population of En-gar-land to choose from and far far far less millions of millions of £££££££££££££££££££££££££££.

    Some victory. Oooh 2-1. Amazing.

    England need a bit more of beating to realise they need to play as a team rather than ely on the overpaid, cheating, skill-less, and uninvesting (UK divisions take heed... UNINVESTING) twats that they are.

    Then maybe we'll see them win on skill, rather than a fluke or a cheat.

    So I hope Croatia do win. I have far more time for them.

    Oh sorry. ENGERLAND... ENGERALND. *FOGHORN* WE'RE THE BEST. *ad infiatum.

  14. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    Oh good, more england hating, just what this forum needed. Is it so wrong for us to love our own countries team?
  15. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/

    Yeah. God help those who care so pationatly they cry.

    It's a DETRIMENT to their PASSION.

  16. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt

    Dont worry England hating is a very trendy bandwagon to be on.
  17. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/


    It's not. If they had any kind of skill I'd be all "come on EnGerLanD"

    But they don't. Supporting a team on blind patriotism is nothing to shout home about is it?

    Unless you think I am wrong. In which case no doubt you'll be more than happy to point out why.

    So there :p
  18. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    I'm used to bandwagon haters, remember who i support after all!;)
  19. StanSmith

    StanSmith Three Lions on my shirt


    Englands Rose.

    Ok then it will give him something else to moan about.
  20. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

  21. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    Well, i've enjoyed watching them under capello. One non perfect friendly game aint gonna change that.

    So there. :p
  22. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/

    Yeah Yeah. Monothought clique right?

    I couldn't have possibly come to this conclustion all by myself? Right?

    I don't hate the English football team btw. I just think they're shit. Thus a victory would be undeserved. So I hope Croatia win. So there :p Again. You can enjoy their diving and cheaing if you like. It's like ballet. Or something.
  23. strung out

    strung out (",)

    1 England 7 7 0 0 26 4 22 21
    2 Croatia 8 5 2 1 16 7 9 17
    3 Ukraine 7 4 2 1 14 6 8 14
    4 Belarus 7 3 0 4 15 11 4 9
    5 Kazakhstan 7 1 0 6 7 22 -15 3
    6 Andorra 8 0 0 8 2 30 -28 0
  24. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    It's fucking tedious. It's even worse when actual English people do it, than when irish etc do - the irish have a genuine historical excuse, even though it is just historical.

    Fuck it though, we've had these debates a zillion times.

    My Welsh mate says though that while he hates the hype before world cups about the England team, he doesn't hate the England football team per se, he just thinks we overrate them (which is slightly inaccurate we tend to veer to both extremes :D). The England team he really hates are the rugby team...
  25. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    England 7 wins to croatias 5 in a fairly weak group, says something about croatia,no? and they've played a game more.
  26. ChrisFilter

    ChrisFilter Like a boss.

    What a tired, boring opinion. Were you hoping to have hoardes of people agreeing with you? England hating is so 2006. Get over it, killjoy.
  27. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    I know that was just a friendly, but I really really hope Capello can stamp out those small mistakes like the concession of a free kick with seconds to go. :mad:. I hate it when England are winning a game and it's getting near the end, you just know the other team will equalise and it will all collapse, like in Euro 2004. We can do it in group games, but knockouts, we just don't quite have the mentality. Still, that's what Capello was hired to sort out so hopefully he's worked out a way to get us to win a major knockout game, of which we've only won one since 66 (I cound major knockout games as ties with any of the former WC winners, plus NL, Spain and Portugal). That being against Spain in 96 and jammy.
  28. Stoat Boy

    Stoat Boy Banned Banned

    Usually pretty indifferent to England games in that I want them to win but dont lose any sleep if they dont but I want us to beat Croatia more than anybody just to shut up the hoards of in-laws who took so much pleasure in berating me following our defeat to them at Wembley last time.

    Had great fun over our mauling of them in Zagreb and want to carry it on although have a funny feeling its going to be a draw.
  29. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    If anyone thinks were bad at this, they should check out other countries. And the press is even worse in those places to. Boggles my mind as to why we get singled out.
  30. FabricLiveBaby!

    FabricLiveBaby! /wɜːst tɜːf ɒn ɜːθ/

    And when you consider population size and profits vs. investments this equates to not a lot.

    When the big guns come out England will be screwed. Best not prolong the pain.
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