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England under 20`s reach world cup final

Discussion in 'football' started by passenger, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    He's better IMO. He has everything that Onomah has in terms of winning and retaining possession, plus he has a killer eye for a through ball and a fantastic passing range. He can shoot n'all.

    As you can probably tell, I'm something of a fan lol. I genuinely think he's going to be a star though. I've described him as Scholes 2.0 before.
  2. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I hope he doesn't win possession in Scholes' style!
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  3. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

  4. passenger

    passenger up and down...

    Done us proud, great match, the first thing I have seen on Eurosport worth watching :cool:
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  5. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Seems a bit odd that England win a football competition and the BBC haven't reported on it yet.

    ETA They do have something - a breaking news square at the bottom of the page. They didn't even list the game in their football fixtures earlier.
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  6. honkeymonkey

    honkeymonkey New Member

    Actually this is pretty a big deal. Because they are future of England team. Well not all of them but at least they've got the potential ability. It's gotta be spotlighted.
  7. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    I ageee that it should be. From the look of the thread, the lack of a separate one on the u19 tournament and the BBC's lack of reporting, it doesn't seem that many people care though :(
  8. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    My based-on-fuck-all feeling is that it'll be not many of them at all. My impression over the years is that very few who have banged it at this level have gone on to be more than journeyman players.

    Is this actually true? Like I say, it's just my impression which may well be bullshit.

    If so... There are questions about why that may be of course. I've read many articles by ex-players and coaches about how the English players get rewarded for physicality over technique for instance.

    Anyway - I hope for change. I want Marcus Edwards to single-handedly spank the crap out of a combined Brazil-Germany XI for starters.
  9. The39thStep

    The39thStep Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?

    To busy , as is the Guardian, on either transfer rumour or news about Man Utd
  10. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Yes, the majority (as with all footballers) are likely to not have glittering careers but the last English champions in 1993 featured Nicky Butt, Sol Campbell, Robbie Fowler, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes so hopefully some of the current youngsters can emulate their success at club level, if not do well at country level in the future too.

    The forgotten story of… England's class of '93 | Rob Smyth
  11. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    Well, four out of those five weren't a total cunt, which is good odds.

    And one of them was Paul Scholes.

    Paul. Fucking. Scholes.


    Or the beta version of Harry Winks, as he will be known by future generations.

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