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England at the World Cup 2018


Ive shouted at the telly here in Vietnam quite late at night. Other people have been too tho tbf!

Sterling has at times been waste of space but I kinda hope they give him another chance anyway, it's like if he scores one he'll chill the fuck out and be unstoppable.

Generally im impressed with the team but I think the midfield is too defensive and that really showed against Colombia. Need more flexible fluid attack... and more ballsy runs and pressuring from the strikers.


don't wait to be kind
What's great about this team is that they've just got on with it - I read somewhere that usually WCs make heroes but this one, as far as England is concerned, has made CULT heroes. But the stand out performer has been Southgate. At the height of Gazzamania Wogan had the gurning Geordie on his show and introduced him by saying something like "The most famous and probably most popular person in the country right now" and I wonder if Gareth Southgate knows that'll be him over the next few weeks.