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Endorse it 2010

Discussion in 'festivals' started by Flounder, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Pieface

    Pieface New Member

    Jeffrey and Ouchmonkey have been booked again - usual three nights, but even longer slots :eek:
  2. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  3. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious


    Over my dead body. Even the Welsh breakfasts were shit last year.
  4. onenameshelley

    onenameshelley is Major Morgan's bitch

    Thats a very good description to be honest.

    Ooh that would be good if you could do something like that.

    Good lord i shall make sure i have my dancing shoes on.

    We still dont have tickets yet, for cashmoney reasons but i am hoping to get them before easter.
  5. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    No wai!!! :confused: :confused:

    We liked them a lot, but maybe we're biased, that company is based near us.
  6. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    What's a welsh breakfast? :hmm:

    The only food I bought at a festie last year was a toastie :D
  7. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    There was a whole stall devoted to them, did you not notice? On the left below the entrance to the main arena and just below the second stage tent :)
  8. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    No... like I said didn't buy much food - so was wondering what was in a Welsh breakfast :D
  9. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    It included lava bread! :eek: :p
  10. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    :rolleyes: you're useless!

    Someone tell me what was in the breakfast :D
  11. Flounder

    Flounder Well-Known Member

  12. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious

    I'm sorry but its the truth. In 2008 the quality was there. In 2009 with a higher customer base the quality dropped off - I can't help thinking they were using cheap baked beans aswell.
  13. subversplat

    subversplat writer of wrongs

    Cheap beans? :(
  14. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    Weird Welsh shit! :(
  15. onenameshelley

    onenameshelley is Major Morgan's bitch

    I only had the cauliflower cheese from the welsh tent thingy and it wasnt all that to be honest but i suspect it had more to do with the time of day i went there. But mainly i lived on burgers with out the buns as it was carb free time. This year i will go back to the old stand by of toasties nom nom.

    Subs do you reckon you are coming this year?
  16. Stig

    Stig Bull in a china shop


    on toast with bacon.

    There's lovely. :D

    ETA it's a particularly slimey type of seaweed, the one that grows in tall dark slimey fronds.

    You're supposed to fry it in bacon fat, we used to have it a lot in Swansea, where you could get two types in the market: With, or Without.
    'With' means it's covered in flour, and I've never managed to work out why you'd want it like that.
  17. onenameshelley

    onenameshelley is Major Morgan's bitch

    Is it coated in the flour before being fried? If so maybe its to make it crunchier? Dunno i am not a fan of seaweed unless its the stuff from the chinese which is essentially just fat with that odd brown sugary stuff on it.
  18. Stig

    Stig Bull in a china shop

    It is, but it doesn't go crunchy, it just goes lumpy and wrong. Maybe that's just my special cooking skills. :D

    seaweed from the chinese is actually deep fried cabbage with special drugs on top made from MSG and sugar. I want some.
  19. onenameshelley

    onenameshelley is Major Morgan's bitch

    hmmmm there must be a special trick to it?

    I knew there was a reason i love that stuff so much its basically just crack damn them with their crack based products!
  20. pootle

    pootle little moran

    Yes! DJ Dave is back! :cool: longer slots though? Maybe they might need someone to *help* hold the records. Or do the talking inbetween ;)

    I did have the worst/most expensive breakfast of my life at EiiD last year - me and freyababe went to that place which was all nice and sit-downy. I forget what its called but I ordered the veggie breakfast. The had run out of potatoes, tomatoes, beans and veggie sausage. I got mushrooms on bread and they knocked a massive 50p off the cost. Brilliant. £5 for mushrooms on bread, not even toast and a cuppa :rolleyes: I will join shells in the toastie massif I reckon, once my helicopter has dropped me off in the morning, obvs.
  21. Looby

    Looby Well-Known Member

    Sorry but :D :D
  22. pootle

    pootle little moran

    I KNOW!

    I don't know why I didn't kick up a bigger fuss, cos I'm usually *quite* good at making my feeling known!

    Fuck it, I ain't bovvering with veggie breakfast this year I can assure you. I'll have MacDonalds on the way in, in my 'copter and spend the rest of the day on gak and Cristal. That'll be fine at EiiD, won't it? You wan' me to bring you a sausage and egg mcmuffin or owt Sparklypoisson? :)
  23. Looby

    Looby Well-Known Member

    Ha ha, you were probably either too spangled or broken to make a fuss. :p

    Not sure if we're coming yet but a bacon roll and a couple of hash browns would be amazing. :cool:
  24. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    Credit to the Nation were one of the first bands I ever saw :cool: Ta for trying to convince me I'm still 16 :cool::D
  25. mr steev

    mr steev unkempt clacker

    The Rhythm-ites? :)
    I was wondering what had happened to the only the other day when a random track came on my media player :cool:
  26. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Credit to the Nation have reformed? :confused:

    Quite surprised, but this could be good ... :)
  27. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    I know that place, though I've forgotten the name of it as well.I had an OK breakfast rom them myself (albeit at a different festival), but that story makes them sound well dodgy ... :hmm:

    It was on the far side of the arena from the Welsh breakfast place though.
  28. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious

    Yeah - the breakfasts at the other place weren't much better. No eggs.
  29. Stig

    Stig Bull in a china shop

    I reckon we could make a fortune here.

    Come to Rambo for your reasonably priced top quality breakfast in the morning. :D

    In fact, we'll park the camping cooker outside in the field kitchen, you can cook it yourself. :cool:
  30. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    you can't be worse than the fucking tea tent in the camp site , it took them half a day to make a round of teas and they decided that most of their menu was too complicated to make !

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