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Ebbw Vale: "Facebook's role in Brexit - and the threat to democracy" - video talk


How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?
Sadly I’m only answering this because of your very own ‘answer unanswered threads’ thread. Sorry.


we only go raw
That is pretty cool ! Telling it straight to the technocratic elite . I have read all of her articles on this, but never new she was from Ebbw Vale :oldthumbsup:
Resonates with the last time i was in S.Wales . The one stick in the throat to working there was the constant right wing bullshit the people would come out with . We were working on a social project in Tylors Town and one of the main activists; otherwise a to all extents and purposes a socialist, told us that the picture of the dead immagrant child on the beach was fake news. Confused the fuck out of us.

heres a the Government report :

and it is well worth watching The Great Hack documentary which delves deeper.


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I thought there was a library of fb adverts now. Or maybe that's a new thing since the talk.